Freethinkers sceptic group needs convincing and footprints point to Sasquatch on Finding Bigfoot

Finding Bigfoot
The team listen to coyote howls but is something else communicating too?

This week on Finding Bigfoot, the team meet sceptic group the Fayettesville Freethinkers and investigate footprints in Minnesota.

Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization’s Matt Moneymaker is never afraid to confront sceptics head on and is keen to find out what the Fayettesville Freethinkers think about Bigfoot.

Mid American Science Museum
The Mid American Science Museum where the Freethinkers promote science and critical thinking

He and the team head to the Mid American Science Museum to meet the the group, who promote science and are also pretty sceptical.

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Members of the group point out that people in Europe used to report seeing fairies quite often up until a bout 150 years ago and that the lack of any bones or fossil record really places some big doubts on Bigfoot’s existence.

The Freethinkers meet the Finding Bigfoot team

Matt says something a bit wobbly about tropical animals like chimps not leaving many fossils due to their bones not being frozen, though we reckon he’s mixing up the likes of Woolly Mammoth carcasses and fossils. With fossils being found in great abundance in all sort of tropical or previously tropical areas.

The group are so sure of their beliefs that they are offering a free house to anyone who can bring in a Bigfoot, preferably alive but a dead one would claim the prize as well.

Matt hears Bigfoot grunts
Matt hears a response to his howls and thinks the knocking could be a Bigfoot

Are the team up to the challenge and will their later evidence of some deep grunting impress the sceptics?

Also on this episode, the team setup a basecamp in Minesota to investigate some very large footprints that have been found nearby and point to a possible Sasquatch.

Catch Finding Bigfoot – Bigfoot Basecamp at 8 PM on Animal Planet.

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