Flipping Out star Jeff Lewis’s baby daughter Monroe in adorable first photoshoot

Jeff and daughter Monroe during her photoshoot
Jeff and daughter Monroe posing for a picture on Flipping Out during her first photoshoot

Flipping Out star Jeff Lewis’s daughter Monroe is beyond adorable — and here she is taking part in her first photoshoot.

The session took place in early summer during the filming of the latest season, with the scenes playing out on tonight’s finale.

The episode also sees Monroe attending her baptism and, as revealed by People, Jeff and partner Gage Edward asking co-star Jenni Pulos and longtime friend Chaz Dean, a Los Angeles stylist, to be her godparents.

At the photoshoot, Gage and Jeff pose for photos with Monroe while the photographer and the rest of the group use an assortment of toys, face-pulling and a feather duster to get her to look in the right direction.

Jeff Lewis and daughter Monroe
The pair pose for another photo as the crew get Monroe to smile using toys and funny faces
Monroe giggling on a couch
Monroe giggles adorably at the camera as she sits on the couch
Gage, Monroe and the photographer
Gage sits behind Monroe as the photographer distracts her by making noises

The photos were taken for the magazine Parenting OC, with Jeff posting a picture of one of the final photos on Instagram earlier this year.

On tonight’s Flipping Out season finale, Jeff jokes: “It was all great. We can keep these images for ourselves, I can also self promote, er, maybe…er, monetize it somehow? Right, that’s what people do with their kids.”

Jeff posted another picture on his Instagram at the end of last month showing what Monroe, who he and Gage had through a surrogate, looks like more recently. He added the jokey caption “H.B.I.C.” which stands for “Head Bitch In Charge”.

The adorable tot turns one next week on October 25. Check out her first shoot in the footage from tonight’s Flipping Out finale below!

Flipping Out airs Thursdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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