Flipping Out on Bravo: It’s Jenni vs husband Jonathan’s sperm

Jenni Pulos
Jenni Pulos carries husband Jonathan’s sperm in a paper bag on tonight’s Flipping Out

Collecting your husband’s sperm from the clinic is never going to be a  favorite pastime for any woman — but for Jenni Pulos on tonight’s Flipping Out on Bravo it’s also a lot more complicated than you might think.

The couple have decided they’re going to give it a go in a bid for Baby No2. And while designer Jeff Lewis is away to San Diego for a meeting, Jenni takes the opportunity to head to the clinic where husband Jonathan’s sperm is stored.

Thing is that the magical baby-making liquid is handed to her in a syringe — and if she presses it by accident Jon’s going to have to go and do the whole thing (yup, you know what we’re talking about), all over again.

As a result she has to handle the brown paper bag and syringe contained within it with extreme caution.

Meanwhile, Jeff’s trip to San Diego takes place as he attempts to diversify his business and sees him meet a client with super-luxury condos.

And issues with his contractor Frank — as well as his wife — emerge as they attempt to try and do business differently.

Flipping Out airs Thursdays at 9/8c on Bravo. 

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