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Final race lands winners extra $50,000 in Are You The One: Second Chances finale

Still of Are You The One: Second Chances' Tori and Morgan running
Tori and Morgan during the race out of Melbourne on tonight’s AYTO: Second Chances season finale

It’s the ultimate showdown for the three remaining Perfect Matches on tonight’s season finale of Are You the One: Second Chances — as the winners of a final challenge get an extra $50,000, while the losers get nothing.

And while the victors will be laughing all the way to the bank, the pair who come in second place will also suffer a massive blow by having their winnings cut in half.

The last challenge of the season sees the three AYTO: Second Chances Perfect Matches having to use what they have learned about each other over the season in a race to escape from Melbourne.

The three couples are Tori and Morgan, Adam and Shanley, and Devin and Rashida.

Their first instruction is to head to the top of the Australian city’s tallest building, Eureka Tower, where they will then find their next set of instructions.

They then have to make their escape out of the city, as they put their relationships to the test.

Meanwhile, as the house comes to terms with how things have panned out — Rashida struggles to understand whether she is actually Devin’s partner, of if he’s just using her as another one of his puppets.

The Are You the One: Second Chances season finale airs tonight at 9/8c on MTV.

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