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Fears over Tommie’s ‘drinking problem’ on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta as she works on wine business

Tommie holds a glass of her wine on this week's episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta
Tommie holds a glass of her wine on this week’s episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

This week on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, we see Tommie Lee working on her new wine business — but Karen King is worried that she won’t be able to do it and stay sober.

Footage from the episode shows Tommie sampling one of her new creations, and inviting KK over to see the fruits of her labor.

But Karen is immediately worried about whether getting into making wine is a good idea for Tommie, who has been trying to turn her life around.

She says: “Tommie called me this morning and proudly announced she was manufacturing wine and wanted me to come and try it out.

“The first thing that came to my mind is ‘that don’t make no kind of sense’.  You know I want baby girl to win, but how do you have a drinking problem and decide to sell wine?

“A crack addict ain’t never made no fortune selling crack.”

Tommie samples one of her creations before Karen King arrives
Tommie samples one of her creations just before Karen King arrives

Tommie has revealed a lot about her new wine, called LèDon, in the past few weeks and months on her socials.

Last week she revealed a picture showing off a sample label, and revealed she is still working on the graphics to go with the bottles.

In February she also showed off her new Chardonnay, saying: “They say make your passion your paycheck and here it is.”

On LHHATL, Karen tells Tommie: “I’m so proud of you, this is progression. You could go so far with this. But you’re sober right now.”

She then hands down some words of wisdom as she adds: “If you are your best user, then you’re not successful.”

Tommie acknowledges what Karen is saying, replying: “Yeah, don’t get high on your own supply.” But she adds: “But that’s why I’m doing this.”

Also on this week’s LHHATL, Joseline and Stevie have a head-to-head in court, while Dime says shea and Joseline have made amends.

Meanwhile, Waka attempts to make things right with his marriage, and Moriah is confronted by Sierra.

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta airs Mondays at 8/7c on VH1.

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