FBI Tuesdays return: The teams kick off the New Year with some hot action

Scola (John Boyd) and OA (Zeeko Zaki) raid a suspect’s place on FBI Season 4. Pic credit: CBS

After a few weeks off, FBI Tuesdays are set to kick off 2022 with some bangs.

New promos show the FBI team handling a series of deadly robberies, FBI: International takes on a dangerous hostage situation, and FBI: Most Wanted is, literally, playing with fire. 

Aside from those cases, there’s also going to be plenty of personal drama focusing on the lives of the agents to spark things up.

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Where did we leave off on FBI Tuesdays?

The last episodes of each FBI series had some major turns for characters, especially on the main FBI show.

In the winter finale, Rina was shot by a special sniper rifle in a plot by the team’s old foe Antonio Vargas. Blaming the FBI for his family being killed by rivals, Vargas was out for revenge with the team targeted.

Jubal was naturally rocked by Rina’s injury, with the episode ending with her still in a coma and Jubal open to arranging for Vargas’ own death before Isobel talked him out of it. 

FBI: Most Wanted had a thrilling episode where Jess and Barnes were caught in a shopping mall shootout with their families. It ended with Barnes’ wife, Charlotte, giving birth to a son.

Meanwhile, Jess decided to allow daughter Tali to accept an opening in an exclusive school that will have her leaving home for a time.

FBI: International left off with the team trying to stop a bombing campaign. Vo was shaken as her boyfriend was injured in the bombing, making her realize the costs being an FBI agent could bring.

Now, after a holiday break, all three FBI shows are returning on January 4, and each promises some good excitement. 

What’s coming when FBI Tuesdays returns?

FBI will begin with Fostered, which has Wallace finding a connection between a young teen and a series of brutal robberies. 

As the team investigates a string of jewelry store robberies that culminate in a double murder, they uncover a connection to a 16-year-old boy trying to survive the foster care system. Also, Tiffany becomes personally invested after learning about the boy’s ill-fated upbringing.

FBI 4x10 “Fostered” - Promo - CBS

While not mentioned in the synopsis, it’s sure that Jubal is still worried about Rina’s health and if she can recover. That may be a distraction in this case even as he tries to be all business.

The Wallace plotline can also be intriguing as her personal feelings on a case involving her cousin got her in some trouble earlier this season

FBI: International thrusts the team into a deadly hostage situation but also worries about their beloved dog Tank in One Kind of Madman.

The team jets to Bulgaria when terrorists hold hostage for millions in cryptocurrency a concert hall filled with multinational student performers and their families. Also, Raines is intent on proving his field skills, and Forrester receives news of their dog, Tank.

FBI: International 1x09 “One Kind of Madman” - Promo - CBS

Raines may be trying too hard to prove himself, which can jeopardize things. The Tank plot is interesting given how much the team cares for him, and hopefully, the dog isn’t in bad shape.

FBI: Most Wanted’s episode, Incendiary, has the team tracking a deadly robber. More importantly, Jess has to adjust to his daughter no longer being around. 

The team hunts for a young man who is using napalm-style bombs to attack his targets. Also, with Tali away, Jess and Sarah begin to adjust to their empty nest.

FBI: Most Wanted 3x10 “Incendiary” - Promo - CBS

Speaking to TV Line, Julian McMahon hinted that Tali leaving might shake up Jess as “ he has had a tough road these last few years. So to learn that the cornerstone of his emotional connection [is going away]….” It will leave a hole, for sure.”

Between the thrills and the intriguing personal connections, it looks like FBI Tuesdays will be ringing in the New Year with even better storylines for fans.

FBI Tuesdays return starting with FBI Season 4 on Tuesday January 4 at 8/7c on CBS.

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