FBI Tuesdays preview: Family issues dominate this week’s cases

FBI team-up
Isobel (Alana de la Garza) guest-stars on FBI: Most Wanted Season 3. Pic credit: CBS

Family matters will be a big focus on FBI Tuesdays this week. 

Amid cases of kidnapping and murder, every one of the teams is going to be dealing with some family issues, which can seriously affect the cases. 

Personal lives have become important on FBI

The various FBI shows have been pushing more personal matters for the team members this season.

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FBI had Jubal handling his son in danger when a cyber-attack nearly ruined his life-saving surgery. Meanwhile, Wallace had to investigate her cousin being a suspect in a serial killer case. While the man was innocent, he did go to jail for lying to the FBI to hide his sexuality. 

A running subplot on FBI: Most Wanted has been Jess trying to handle his daughter Tali acting up at school. The girl is still shaken by seeing her father kill an abusive stalker in the Season 2 finale and Jess is uncertain how to reach out to her.

Also, Barnes faced new tension at home when she and her wife Charlotte realized they had different ideas on Charlotte becoming a stay-at-home mom when their new child arrives.

Meanwhile, new agent Kristin Gaines agreed to move into the same building as her ex-husband, Nick (Migs Govea) for the sake of their kids. While uncertain of the move, Gaines seems on good terms with her ex.

FBI: International has a mother (literally) of an issue as Forrester’s mom, Angela Cassidy, had been an intelligence operative who turned traitor. Forrester found a photo of his mother in Moscow but was warned about looking into her more. 

Now, this week’s episodes will increase the family drama even further on all three shows. 

What’s up this week on FBI Tuesdays?

FBI will have Gone Baby Gone, which brings back Maggie’s sister, Erin (Adrienne Rose Bengtsson). Last season, Maggie realized Erin had turned to drugs to handle the pressures of college life and pushed her to go into rehab. 

After a young girl is kidnapped from her daycare, the team must help her parents navigate a debt owed to the deadly gang in their neighborhood. Also, Maggie struggles to focus on the case when her sister, Erin, returns from rehab.

FBI 4x07 Promo "Gone Baby Gone" (HD)

The promo indicates that Erin’s situation will distract Maggie, putting a cop in jeopardy and threatening Maggie’s own job. 

There are no new promos for FBI: International or FBI: Most Wanted, but the synopsis still indicates drama. FBI: International will have Trying To Grab Smoke as the parental issues shift from Forrester to Kellett.

When an American founder of an illegal adults-only site is killed in Prague, the team is tasked to locate his co-founder, who is still on the run in the Czech Republic. Also, Kellett struggles to maintain a relationship with her mother due to the complications of working so far from home.

Kellett is still handling being shot a few episodes ago, and while she’s determined to stay in Budapest with the team (and her boyfriend), this can make her once more miss the U.S.

FBI: Most Wanted will feature a guest appearance from Alana de la Garza as Isobel, who checks in with the team in a celebrity-themed case in Gladiator.

The team investigates the murder of a professional basketball player’s wife, who was a famous lifestyle guru. Also, Kristin and her ex-husband grow closer, and Special Agent in Charge Isobel Castille (FBI series star Alana De La Garza) checks in with the team on the high-profile case.

Gaines and her ex have been on good terms as it’s indicated it was the pressure of their jobs that caused the divorce. However, living in the same building only makes it natural some of those old sparks may be rekindled. 

As the synopsis proves, as tough as the FBI teams are on their criminal cases, the real challenge is handling the personal issues at home.

FBI Tuesdays begin on Tuesdays at 8/7c on CBS. 

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