FBI Tuesdays preview: A new agent joins in a dramatic new night

Nina Chase (Shantel VanSanten) joins OA (Zeeko Zaki) and Scola (John Boyd) on a case on FBI Season 4. Pic credit: CBS

FBI Tuesdays are ramping up for the final episodes of the season.

The main FBI has a new agent joining on a case putting another in danger. FBI: International has the Fly Team heading to Vienna, while FBI: Most Wanted puts a personal focus on their newest agent.

It adds up to a lot of thrills following an already thrill-packed week.

FBI Tuesdays had a huge event last week

Last week’s FBI Tuesdays did well in the ratings, no doubt thanks to promotion of some exciting stuff coming on them. 

The main FBI won the night with 7.2 million viewers and a 0.5 rating in the 18-49 demo. FBI: International was steady with 5.8 million viewers and a 0.5 rating while FBI: Most Wanted dipped a bit but was still good with 5.1 million viewers and a 0.4 demo rating.

The big news was the main FBI series as Maggie was exposed to a dose of sarin gas. While OA managed to rescue her, the episode ended with Maggie being hospitalized. 

This was a way for the show to write out Missy Peregrym, who is pregnant. The actress promised fans she will be back for Season 5, but for now, Maggie will be absent for a while.

FBI: International saw the team heading to France to investigate a clash between a winery owner and some local protesters. More interesting was a subplot of Forrester having a possible new romance with his language tutor, Sara. 

On FBI: Most Wanted, the search for the killers of some military vets also had some bittersweet news for Hana. She discovered her birth mother had died while leaving her $50,000. But the episode ended with Hana connecting with her newly discovered half-brother.

Thankfully, the shows won’t be taking a break yet as this week has a lot of excitement to build on. 

What’s coming on FBI Tuesdays this week?

The night begins with FBI as Face Off will have Shantel VanSanten returning as Special Agent Nina Chase, who will be filling in for Maggie on a tough case. 

 “When a morning show host is murdered inside her home, the team tracks the killer, who they realize is targeting powerful women. Also, things become awkward for Scola when Special Agent Nina Chase becomes part of the team during Maggie’s recovery.”

The promo shows Isobel could be the killer’s next target, putting her in major danger. 

More interesting is how Scola handles working with Nina. The pair had a one-night stand, but Scola never followed up on it. While he and Nina looked to be dating again, now being co-workers will complicate things. 

FBI: International has the team heading on a thrilling trip to Vienna in On These Waters. 

“Following a frenzied attack by gunmen aboard an American-owned river cruise ship on the Danube, the Fly Team heads to Vienna to investigate why the boat was targeted. Also, Forrester realizes his feelings of mistrust caused by his past are affecting his personal relationships.” 

It appears this will be a wild case as the team has to figure out if this is a personal grudge or a possible terrorist attack. It may also explore Forrester’s new relationship as he has to deal with the trauma of his past, while Kellett may be affected by seeing her ex-boyfriend with someone else.

The night concludes with FBI: Most Wanted as Whack Job has the team tracking a killer who may be a cop. Also, Catherine Wolf guest-stars as Remy’s estranged mother. 

“The team goes after the killer of a man in witness protection but finds there’s more to the case than meets the eye. Also, Remy is challenged by what he discovers when he reconnects with his mother, Betsy (Catherine Wolf), in person.”

Needless to say, hunting a possible murdering police officer will be tricky for the team to handle. However, the Remy plot may be more interesting.

The last episode had Remy revealing he hadn’t talked to his mother in a while due to her Alzheimer’s condition. He preferred to remember her as she was, but Hana encouraged him to reach out to her. 

Thus, while the action and thrills FBI fans love are all there, this week will show some personal developments that can make these last episodes of the season better than ever.

FBI Tuesdays begins with FBI Season 4 at 8/7c on CBS.

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