FBI Season 4 Episode 5 recap: a rich victim has a dark secret life

OA (Zeeko Zaki) and Maggie (Missy Peregrym) face a challenging new case on FBI Season 4. Pic credit: CBS

A new case affected Omar “OA” Zidan in an interesting way on FBI

Special Agent OA has found his personal life intruding into cases recently such as last month when an old friend ended up in danger as the FBI team hunted a bomber.

And in this episode, which involved the kidnapping of a young woman, the viewers saw OA being distracted by a possible new career path in the latest episode called Charlotte’s Web. In the end, OA may be heading for some heartbreak. 

A bold kidnapping occurs

As the episode opened, Charlotte Kincaide (Anni Krueger) met a party planner to discuss a big anniversary party with her husband Alex (David T. Patterson).

Charlotte returned home and found the house dark just before someone knocked her unconscious.

OA talked with girlfriend Mona (Yasmine Aker) at his own apartment, who shared that an old friend was offering OA a job working for a private security firm. He brushed it off as he got the call about Charlotte’s kidnapping.

Charlotte had inherited her family’s $80 million mining fortune, making ransom the logical conclusion. Alex related he’d been out of town on business, and Charlotte seemed fine the last time they spoke, and everyone liked her. However, he did get upset when the agents wanted to take charge of any ransom call. 

The team soon discovered Alex had lied about being on business and had a record of losing money gambling while also making bad stock calls. To make it look worse, Alex had signed a prenup so he would lose everything in any divorce.

Alex was on the move with the team tracking him to a secluded parking lot in the woods. Maggie noticed OA ignoring Mona’s call as she pressed he had to say no to the job while OA admitted he was tempted.

They were interrupted by a car coming up belonging to a Michael Barker. As the vehicle tried to leave, the agents cut it off. Alex exited along with a woman, Jamie Barker (Lily Talevski)

FBI uncover a kinky club

Alex confessed he and Jamie were having an affair but denied he’d done anything to Charlotte. Jamie claimed she and her husband had an open marriage, and Alex had been about to break up with her. 

A check with the hotel confirmed Alex and Jamie had been together the entire time and Jamie’s husband had been on a fishing trip, leaving the team at square one. They did discover footage of Charlotte removing money from an ATM with someone chasing her into a coffee shop, identified as Grant King (Donovan E. Mitchell).

OA and Maggie tracked Grant to a club they quickly realized was for people engaging in sexual fantasies. They spotted Grant, who quickly ran off. 

The pair talked to the club’s owner, Michelle Gerbier (Nicole Ansari), who refused to divulge any information on her clients but changed her mind when they threatened to have her shut down.

In holding, Grant claimed not to know a Charlotte but recognized the woman as “Astrid,” who he used for a “hunt and play” fantasy. He seemed confused at her identity as he claimed they hooked up at her apartment in a run-down neighborhood. 

OA and Maggie checked the place out, clearly baffled as to why a rich woman would participate in this odd fantasy life. They realized the place had been cleaned out of art and clothing, but the jewelry was left behind. 

A video showed a mysterious man ransacking the apartment the same day Charlotte went missing. Alex was utterly stunned to learn what his wife had been up to and shared how Charlotte seemed nervous after a solo dinner sometime earlier. 

A deadly obsession 

After some investigating, the team realized Charlotte was being stalked by someone who knew her from her hometown and seemed to be hunting her. The man was using the apartment of Brenda Mason, a woman out of town, with the team finding items from Charlotte’s private apartment set up “like some sort of sick, romantic gesture.”

Opening the downstairs refrigerator, Maggie found Brenda’s corpse that had been there for a month. The team deduced that the man had been into Brenda but then switched his obsession to Charlotte after seeing her at the club. 

Jubal and Isobel figured the man would hold Charlotte, but as soon as she refused his advances, he’d kill her like Brenda and move to a new target. They used Brenda’s social media to talk to the owner of a gym she frequented and how the stalker was filming her. 

The man was Andrew Fraiser (Peter Hargrave), a high school dropout with a few stalking arrests and a psych bio indicating he was a sociopath. 

A quick check revealed Fraiser had bought an old city cab with Wallace and Scola finding Fraiser buying some supplies. Fraiser grabbed an elderly passerby as a hostage long enough to escape. 

After a few false leads, the team figured Fraiser would try to bring Charlotte to someplace meaning something to her as proof of his “love.” Alex told the guys that he and Charlotte had gotten engaged at a lodge leading Maggie and OA to guess that may be the spot.

An entire FBI squad hit the lodge where Andrew was holding a knife to a terrified Charlotte’s throat, claiming this was love.  OA was able to talk Andrew into letting Charlotte go before tackling the man to arrest him. Alex showed up for a tearful reunion with his wife. 

OA met with Mona, relating Alex’s words to him earlier on “following his heart” as he loved working for the FBI and couldn’t give it up. Mona sadly accepted this as they both realized their relationship may have reached a breaking point. 

Thus, while a troubled couple may have bonded again in bizarre circumstances, OA’s own love life just took a huge hit. 

FBI Season 4 airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on CBS. 

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