FBI: Most Wanted recap: The team goes on a twisted treasure hunt

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Roxy Sternberg as Agent Sheryll Barnes on FBI: Most Wanted. Pic credit: CBS

Gold fever can often be a fatal condition.

After handling a case where Gaines finally faced the demons of her past, the FBI: Most Wanted crew dealt with a wicked murder of a woman pulling herself from a grave.

This led to a dark treasure hunt for some legendary gold that led to some more violence for the team to unravel.

It led to an intriguing ending, and the mystery regarding the treasure continued.

Meanwhile, Remy faced an unexpected face from his past that might cause tension in his new relationship with Judge April Brooks.

This made Gold Diggers a twisted case for the team and a fittingly spooky tale for the Halloween season. 

Clawing out of a grave

At a restaurant, a couple was enjoying a nice meal while celebrating some sort of victory. The man warned her that no one could know what they were doing, and the woman (Brenda Meaney) promised not to say anything.

Remy was at a society event with April when he ran into Teddy Beale (Sean David Cooper), an old friend of his from when Remy worked for his father’s investment firm. April was surprised to learn more of his past, even as she brushed off some champagne. 

Remy met Fiona Paley (Marilee Talkington), with April looking a bit jealous at how close they were. 

In a Pennsylvania park, a hand suddenly reached out from the ground as the woman from the restaurant pulled herself out of a grave while gasping for help. A jogger was horrified to find the woman with her throat slit. 

Cannon agreed to become Hana’s new roommate as Gaines brought them up to speed. The woman was Lydia Washburn, who amazingly survived the throat cut and being buried only to die in the operating room. 

Lydia was a geologist, and the team was called in as the man at the dinner had the same tattoo as someone who robbed the National Archives in Washington, D.C. 

At Columbia University, a fellow teacher told Remy and Barnes that Lydia bragged about “hitting the lottery” doing speculator work for mining groups. He admitted he’d have kept as quiet as her if he’d found something big. 

At the Archives, a historian told Gaines and Cannon about the Knights of the Golden Circle, a group during the Civil War. They had planned to set up their own nation in Latin America if the Confederacy lost. The historian talked of the pamphlets involved having value to some collectors.

The same perp had broken into a library in Philadelphia to take documents involving the Civil War. A man led a couple into a cave where a metal detector picked up something big. All three laughed as the man talked about how it would take a while to set up something. 

The perp was identified as Leonard Oxridge (Joe Pomarico), as he’d stolen a map to a rural area in Pennsylvania. Hana discovered Lydia had been doing soil samples on what could be solid gold bars. 

Hana found more info on Oxridge, whose military record matched the perp’s tattoos. They hit his apartment to find Oxridge lying shot on the floor. A masked man ran out of the apartment with Remy chasing him to the roof, only for the guy to give him the slip.

A deadly treasure hunt ensues

Oxridge died of his wounds with the team discovering he was part of a treasure-hunting group. He was onto a story of a shipment of gold bars that supposedly vanished in 1863, right around the area of Lydia’s murder. According to the story, those pamphlets contained a coded map to the missing gold. 

They theorized someone hired Oxridge to steal the documents, then killed him and Lydia to get the gold themselves. Records connected him to Tommy (Brandon James Ellis) and Buck Thorne (Joe Massingill), another pair of treasure hunters.

The team headed to the Thornes’ home, where Remy hit a tripwire that nearly had him skewered by arrows. They found the Thornes, who smartly surrendered. 

The Thornes admitted knowing Lydia, who’d run some tests on gold they discovered. They were paranoid that someone was after them, hence the traps. They’d also hired Oxridge to steal the “map” to the cave where the gold was supposedly kept. Remy could tell they weren’t dealing with criminal masterminds. 

In the woods, a man was looking at a hidden camera that showed people entering a cave with some equipment. He hid as the Thornes led Remy and Cannon to the cave, explaining they had shown it to Lydia, with her instruments saying there was a stash of gold bars buried inside. 

They heard noises from the cave before someone took a shot at them. A young woman stepped out, who the Thornes recognized as Sadie Sykes (Gates Leonard), an old friend who claimed to have found the cave first and was ready to get the gold herself. 

“This is starting to look like the worst-kept secret in Knox County,” Remy mused.

Treasury Department Agent Clara Quinn (Stacy Sargent) showed up to shut the place down as the feds had jurisdiction on a gold find. Remy warned her there was still a killer on the loose, but Quinn was focused on the gold to order the team off. 

While Sadie’s parents were dead, she lived with her grandparents, Rose (Henny) and Desmond Daly (Joseph Adams), the couple who’d been showing off the cave before. They admitted they knew of it for years and had legal claim to it, so they were quite upset the Treasury Department was taking over. 

They figured they’d at least get a hefty finder’s fee thanks to the paperwork they’d filed with Ranger Toby Medina (Manuel Herrera), the guy they’d shown the cave to. However, Toby’s supervisor, Ranger Schmidt (Brannon Cross), said Toby had no authorization to do this. He shared that Toby claimed to be on leave for his mother dying, except the woman had been dead for six years.

The worthless treasure? 

Checking Toby’s place, they found evidence of Lydia’s phone and other items, showing Toby had been playing everyone to get the gold himself. However, Quinn seizing the property threw him off, making him more dangerous, with the Dalys and Thornes as possible targets.

Remy worried Toby would still go for the gold despite the feds around. Meanwhile, Sadie foolishly decided to go after the cave with Toby meeting her. Sadie tried to get away on her bike, but he cut her off.

The Dalys were frantic about Sadie as they shared Sadie sometimes used her mother’s old house. Toby had Sadie there, convinced she’d stolen the gold. The agents arrived as Toby held Sadie hostage.

Sadie denied taking any gold, even as Toby claimed he had footage on his camera. He was getting frantic before Cannon shot him to free Sadie.

Quinn had to share that there was no gold in the cave, even as the townspeople were convinced they were just taking it for themselves. The team gloated a bit on how they at least solved their case as reporters asked Quinn about the gold. 

Remy talked to Sadie, who asked how she could have stolen something the Treasury Department said wasn’t there. Remy just smiled at her non-denial as he headed off.

Remy and April talked about being rich, as Remy knew how money could change people. Before they could go further, Remy got a call that he had a package for him as April headed to the bedroom.

The “package” was Fiona, dropping off Remy’s auction win while clearly hoping for more. It got awkward when April entered as Fiona quickly exited. April was surprised he bid so much on a big trip as Remy said Fiona was just an old friend. April claimed she wasn’t mad, but her mood said otherwise.

Back in Pennsylvania, Sadie found Toby’s hidden camera, taking it away and with it the proof he was right all along on what happened to the gold. 

The gold hunt was a twisted tale, while Remy’s romantic problems might lead to some entanglements of his own down the road.

FBI: Most Wanted Season 4 airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on CBS.

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