FBI: International recap: The Fly Team pulls a prison break to help a spy

Heida Reed as Special Agent Jamie Kellett on FBI: International. Pic credit: CBS

Leave it to the Fly Team to figure out how to pull off a crime nicely.

Following a case involving a murder in a millionaire’s mansion in Spain, this week, FBI: International had the Fly Team heading to Turkey to help a Marine in trouble. 

What looked like a simple shakedown got more complex as the team got into a spy caper gone awry.

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That put them in the position of trying to commit a jailbreak to get this woman out, which could have backfired in a bad way.

Meanwhile, Forrester began to get involved in the life of a neighbor which could lead to serious developments down the road.

This made the episode called Copper Pots And Daggers a different sort of job for the Fly Team. 

A flight is majorly delayed

At a park, Forrester was playing with Tank as he talked to his neighbor, Szolt (Asher Miles Fallica), who admitted his parents argued a lot. Forrester called up Kellett to have her check on Szolt’s dad, Péter Tamási (Kristof Wolf). Unfortunately, Kellett was then distracted by Smitty moving into her place. 

At the Istanbul International Airport, a man reported seeing a family looking at photos of their vacation to Turkey. They suddenly found themselves surrounded by cops who made the woman open up her bag to show it filled with some cups and plates. She claimed to have no idea how they got in there as she was arrested. 

The woman was Emily Reid (Sabina Akhmedova), an ex-marine accused of smuggling antiques. Because of bad blood between the U.S. and Turkey, the military was wary of touching this, so it went to the Fly Team. 

While they didn’t have official clearance, Smitty called in a favor from a contact in Turkey to get the team there. They met Jen Mercer (Nikita Tewani), the legal counsel, who was having trouble getting Emily released. 

Jen introduced Leyla Kaplan (Selin Akkulak), their local translator. Emily’s partner, James Greer (Armando Riesco), stated they had packed the bags themselves and never stole anything. They were in Turkey as Emily was there on business and had turned the trip into a vacation. Zoey (Jophielle Love) considered Emily her mom even if she and James weren’t married.

James said an officer had asked him about a “rush fee” but was distracted as Kellett promised Zoey they’d help Emily get home. 

The luggage had been cleared through security, with an officer taking the bag. Smitty speculated this seemed a classic setup of planting “antiques” from the local gift shop and busting a tourist before forcing them to pay to be released. 

Leyla admitted the local cops could be corrupt, admitting she only failed to be a cop because of a health condition. She led them to the local station, where some cops needled her on her heart condition. 

Inspector Mehmet Dogan (Aykut Hilmi) said this would take a week to finish the investigation. Forrester voiced his suspicion that the case was a scam, leaving Dogan outraged. Vo pressed him to solve this before it became a serious incident. Dogan said he’d expedite the paperwork but not release Emily yet.

Emily was nervous as she whispered, “Get me out now before they find out who I am.” Before Forrester could ask what that meant, the cops arrested her, with Dogan relating Forrester never said Emily was a spy. 

FBI International: The Fly Team gets into a spy caper

Dogan explained they’d found a device hidden in Emily’s apartment, with Vo brushing off that it could have been there long before Emily arrived. Dogan was suspicious of the FBI and suspected they knew more than they were admitting.

As it happened, Dogan was right as Forrester recognized the device as a CIA transmitter. Ironically, James calling the U.S. embassy to get the FBI involved only exposed this as Dogan hoped finding a spy in Turkey could land him a big promotion.

The team talked to our old friend General Finley, who revealed Emily was really Isabel Yilmaz, an undercover operative for the NSA. Forrester was upset the team hadn’t been briefed on this, as Finley assured them Emily would never talk. 

Emily had an asset working for the Turkish Armed Forces, code-named “Redland.” If the Turks found him, that would be all the proof to throw Emily in jail. Forrester wanted to talk to James, with Finley at first refusing but agreeing while telling them to get Emily out by any means necessary. 

James was naturally upset to learn his love had been lying to him all this time, but Forrester told him they needed his help. James was able to remember Emily wanted to meet an old friend named Sam. 

Smitty mused that Redland might reference an old street in Istanbul. They found a connection to Sami Osman (Nodo Iakobishvili), a nuclear scientist who European intelligence suspected was aiding Turkey in attaining their own nuclear arsenal, against NATO rules. 

Dogan showed up to share pictures of Emily and Sami at a hotel, Forrester and Smitty played it cool as Smitty added a few threats involving Interpol. 

Kellett and Raines tracked Osman only to see him arrested by Turkish police. If they got Osman to crack, then the resulting scandal would be huge. 

Time for a prison break

To the team’s shock, Forrester said their only option was to break into the police station and bust Emily out. Vo suggested using Lelya’s knowledge of the station, as she surprisingly offered a lot of help.

Forrester and Vo distracted the desk clerk by claiming to have information for Dogan. Leyla bluffed her way toward the locker room. Vo and Forrester put on a show of Vo “accidentally,” blurting out that Emily and Sami had known each other for a while as they saw the cops interrogating Osman. 

Thanks to Vo’s act of barely understanding Turkish, Dogan let her talk to Emily while Raines broke into the computer room. Leyla joined him with the keys to let Raines access the systems. 

Vo gave Emily a sandwich as they talked. Emily swiftly realized what was happening and faked a coughing fit to have the guard get some water. Dogan was bragging about how busting Osman and Emily would let him write his own ticket to a promotion while Forrester watched Osman’s interrogation.

Raines switched off the power to the station as Leyla sent out false messages to distract the cops. She told Raines the Turkish saying “kolay gelsin” or “May it all be easy” as she left. 

A cop told Dogan that Osman had confessed, but their radios were down. Realizing too late what was happening, Dogan found Forrester gone as the cops started breaking down the computer room door. 

Vo and Emily escaped their cell as Raines directed them on how to avoid the oncoming cops. He turned the power back on just enough to lock the cops behind some gates and allow Vo and Emily to escape.

The cops headed to the street only to see the team had gotten away in a cab.

Emily was upset that Osman was being left behind, but Forrester told her Osman knew the risks and their orders were to get her out. The team got to a safe point to swap cars and split up to throw the cops off. 

Emily was happy to hear James and Zoey were safe as the team drove to a nearby airfield where a helicopter was waiting. However, they realized Smitty and Emily weren’t following.

The pair had been pulled over by a cop, with Smitty trying to play it cool only to push the guy back and take off. Forrester joined her as they led the cops on a chase across Istanbul before Forrester was able to pick them up. 

Emily was happy about the rescue but upset that James now knew about her secret life. She reunited with them in Budapest, overjoyed to see Zoey calling her “Mom.” After a few moments, James also embraced her, just happy to have her back even with her secrets.

It was a wild adventure for the Fly Team, but they managed to pull off a kidnapping as well as they ever stopped one. 

FBI: International Season 2 airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on CBS.

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