Fashion Coward on SNL: The clothing store for women who just want to look bland

Emma Stone on SNL
Fashion Coward on Saturday Night Live with Emma Stone. Pic credit: SNL

This week’s episode of Saturday Night Live (SNL) features Emma Stone, Aidy Bryant, Kate McKinnon, and Cecily Strong (voiceover) in a parody commercial for a fictional brand called Fashion Coward.

Fashion Coward offers bland clothing for women who are afraid of taking risks when purchasing clothing at high-end clothiers possibly because they’ve been traumatized in the past by their own reflections on fitting room mirrors.

So they just want to avoid taking risks when buying new clothes by choosing only those that make them blend and avoiding anything that makes them stand out.

Although Emma Stone is a fashion icon, SNL’s Fashion Coward parody commercial imagines her differently in order to target people “who hate shopping and feel lost and scared.” The pretend commercial tries to sell such lost ones “clothes that suggest the general idea of a person.”

The SNL parody commercial promises to offer women who hate shopping bland attire such as “pants with legs,” bland black dresses that say “keep it moving,” a “brown sweater,” and “navy shirt.” The Fashion Coward brand also offers a “big gray zip-up sweatshirt” that “doubles as a real-life invisibility cloak.”

“And we don’t sell swimsuits. You know why,” the voiceover says.

Similarly, Fashion Coward’s fitting rooms are designed and equipped with mirrors made especially for women who are scared of shopping after having suffered humiliation in the past while trying on clothes in front of fitting room mirrors. Fashion Coward’s fitting rooms are fitted with “far mirrors” to protect patrons from suffering more humiliation and anxiety.

For women who show extreme indecisiveness when trying to choose new apparel, Fashion Coward offers a solution called “mercy gas”, which knocks customers unconscious if they spend longer than half a minute deciding on which clothing they want.

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