Farrah Abraham is caught with positive drug test: What are barbiturates?

Farrah Abraham
Farrah Abraham tests positive for drugs. Pic credit: MTV

Farrah Abraham went on Face The Truth recently in an episode that aired this week. Here, she came face-to-face with her mother, Debra Danielsen, who she hadn’t seen in almost a year.

As fans have seen on Teen Mom OG, Farrah and her mother weren’t getting along, as Debra’s then-boyfriend flipped out at Farrah. He also tried to diagnose why she was the way she was, something Farrah didn’t like.

Throughout the episode, host Vivica A. Fox tried everything to mend the relationship between Farrah and her mother. And while Farrah agreed that her mother could see her daughter Sophia, it sounds like the host was getting on Abraham’s nerves.

She called Farrah out for continually wiping her nose, so they asked for a drug test. Then, Farrah is confronted with the news that she tested positive for barbituates.

“I’m just a little confused of what a barbiturate is,” Farrah said during the episode, questioning how in the world they could have gotten a positive result. “I don’t think either that’s mine and I have to say did someone confuse something? I have to be that blunt at this moment in my life up here, I’m sorry if it sounds so crazy. I am so laughing out loud right now.”

Barbiturates isn’t a single drug. It’s a term used to describe a group of drugs, usually meant to compress the nervous system. More often than not, they are used to ease anxiety or sleep issues.

Barbiturates can be dangerous because correct dosage can be difficult to pinpoint. Overdose can cause coma or death. Surely, Farrah’s mother was upset when she heard the news.

Farrah denied using any drugs and never admitted to having a prescription. Even the guest hosts on the show tried to explain that the positive result could have been from prescription medication, but Farrah Abraham didn’t want to hear it.

Farrah Abraham is no longer on Teen Mom OG but the show returns without her on October 1 on MTV.

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