Fareed Zakaria examines the Obama presidency on The Legacy of Barack Obama

The Legacy of Barack Obama
He promised change, but did he deliver? The Legacy of Barack Obama examines his two terms

The Legacy of Barack Obama is a two-hour special that sees Fareed Zakaria argue that Obama’s term in office has been one the most consequential ever.

Zakaria, who hosts CNN’s Sunday flagship current affairs program, looks at some of Obama’s biggest successes and his worst failures.

The program includes frank interviews with Obama and key members of his administration.

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A deal with Iran, racial tension, economic global crisis, climate change, equality, justice reform, the rise of ISIS and Obamacare are all discussed.

Obama on ISIS
Zakaria asks Obama about the rise of ISIS and why it caught the administration by surprise

It also looks at how the party gridlock affected his time in office and also examines the things he failed to address.

The war in Syria, gun deaths, migration and race relations are all areas that continue to trouble the US and the world.

Interviews include President Obama, David Axelrod, Timothy Geithner, Gen. Petraeus and John Kerry.

You can tweet #FZGPS to comment or ask questions while the show airs.

Watch The Legacy of Barack Obama at 9 PM on CNN.

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