Fans divided over Abby calling the routine epitome of trash on Dance Moms

Dance Mom routine
Too trashy or is Abby wrong?

This week on Dance Moms, Abby is not impressed by a routine and angers all the other moms.

She says: “Those are not the dancers I raised up there today. I am very disappointed, it’s the epitome of trash.”

But her comments and swift exit don’t go unnoticed and the other women are not pleased.

However, fans are divided on Facebook with Mary defending Abby writing: “What’s with Holly screaming at Abby? They all cut their ties with Abby, so Abby walking out is none of her business. Forced sexiness on young girls looks ridiculous.”

Whereas Diego defends the routine pointing out that: “A lot of people will have so much to say about this but they obviously aren’t involved with dance at all. That’s how the industry is here in LA.”

Terri reminds us that Abby has put on similar routines in the past posting:  “I remember Abby having them do a trashy number when they were tiny little girls. It was so trashy, it was disqualified! Yet she has the nerve to condemn them now?”

What do you think? Is Abby overreacting or is the routine far too trashy?

Dance Moms airs Tuesdays at 9:00 PM on Lifetime.

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