Family Feud critics lash out for airing Michael Jackson clip on anniversary of his death: ‘That’s not funny!’

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Steve Harvey was dumbfounded by a Family Feud contestant who mentioned Michael Jackson in their answer. Pic credit: ©

A survey question involving a blow-up doll and Michael Jackson wasn’t on our Family Feud bingo card.

But that’s exactly what Family Feud host Steve Harvey dealt with at the podium during a recent faceoff.

A contestant named Molly faced her opponent under the survey board when Steve asked them a very unique survey question.

“Bad news: you found your husband’s blow-up doll,” Steve began. “Worse news: it’s dressed to look like who?”

Molly was the first to tap her buzzer, and when Steve called on her to deliver her answer, he was stunned.

Confidently and without hesitation, Molly answered, “Michael Jackson!”

As the live audience began to laugh at Molly’s answer, Steve remained silent and stared at her in bewilderment.

Steve Harvey is left stunned by Molly’s response

Eventually, Steve turned toward the audience, blinking hard as he digested what Molly just told him.

A few seconds later, Molly’s answer appeared on the board as “Celeb/Brat Pitt,” giving her family’s team 10 points, much to Steve’s shock and surprise.

The short and humorous “podium stunner” was shared on Family Feud’s official Instagram feed in a Reel.

The video was appropriately captioned, “You found your husband’s blow-up doll—and it looks like who?? 😲🤐😂 Podium stunner silences #SteveHarvey! #FamilyFeud.”

Viewers call out Family Feud for sharing the clip on the anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death

Nearly 17,000 Family Feud viewers liked the video on Instagram, and hundreds more headed to the comments section of the post to sound off.

Many of them found the clip hilarious, but others thought it was in bad taste—particularly because it was posted on the anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death.

“Why would you do that to Michael Jackson 😭,” asked @tequila_shots_with_me.

Another Family Feud viewer wrote, “They did this on purpose I swear today is the anniversary of his death.”

“That’s not funny!” added another critic. “All of MJ fans will madto YOU !!!”

family feud viewers comment on molly's answer on instagram
Pic credit: @familyfeud/Instagram

One Instagram user called out Family Feud for posting the video “very close to the day [Michael Jackson] left us,” adding, “Have some respect.”

Others called Molly’s answer “stupid,” and some complained about “all the sexual innuendos” on the show as of late.

Molly’s efforts fell short in the Fast Money round

When all was said and done, Molly had a chance to help her family win big during the Fast Money round.

Molly’s teammate scored 105 points, meaning she only needed 95 more to win the game for her team, the Ham Family.

Unfortunately for herself and her team, Molly came up short with 72 points on the board.

But, ultimately, the Ham Family walked away champs with a five-day winning total of $42,465 and a brand-new car.

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