Falling Inn Love filming locations: Where was new Netflix movie filmed?

Christina Milian in Falling Inn Love
Christina Milian in Falling Inn Love. Pic credit: Netflix

Those who love romantic comedies were treated to a getaway in New Zealand this week with the new Netflix original Falling Inn Love.

The film stars actress and singer/songwriter Christina Milian. She plays Gabriella, a city girl down on her luck who becomes the unlikely owner of a bed and breakfast business in New Zealand. The problem is, she gets Catfished by the contest and the place she inherits is a complete disaster.

The setting of the film has beautiful landscapes and scenery, as well as beaches. And many Netflix viewers might be curious where the rom-com was filmed.

Here is what to know about the Falling Inn Love filming locations in New Zealand.

Where was Falling Inn Love on Netflix filmed?

According to IMDb, Falling Inn Love was shot on location in Thames, New Zealand. And anyone who has seen the Lord of the Rings films is aware the country has a ton of beautiful scenery.

New Zealand’s website indicates that Thames is a great vacation spot for people who love the outdoors with plenty of valleys and hiking trails. It’s also right next door to the Coromandel Coast. This location is said to be known for its “natural beauty, green pastures, misty rainforests, and pristine golden beaches.”

Historically, Thames began as a place for mining gold. The book, Kennedy’s Colonial Travel by David Kennedy, Jr. revealed Thames began as two towns rented during the gold rush in the 1870s.

Grahamstown and Shortland eventually merged into one now known today as Thames. New Zealand’s page states that to this day, it’s great for soaking “up the gold mining heritage.”

The location use of Thames is quite a sight to behold while watching Falling Inn Love. Even if one is not a fan of watching rom-coms, the setting alone makes a viewer want to find a bed and breakfast to visit in New Zealand.

Hopefully, it will not have any goats inside like the one Milian encountered.

Falling Inn Love is streaming on Netflix now.

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