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Failing students Anna and Jonah give Trent and Amber a headache on 7 Little Johnstons

Amber and Trent have their hands full tonight with Anna and Jonah

This week on 7 Little Johnstons, parents Trent and Amber have their hands full with Anna and Jonah who are turning out to be less than enthusiastic students.

Jonah is preoccupied with playing soccer and his grades are slipping in school, while Anna has decided “college is a waste of time.”

Proud of his on-field accomplishments, mama Amber says: “Jonah doesn’t let being a little person overcome the fact that he wants to play soccer.”

Young Jonah might be a whiz on the playing field, but he’s struggling with his studies. When Trent and Amber get hold of his progress reports he’s forced to face the music and it’s not good listening

Jonah realizes he cannot hide his bad grades from mum and dad

Trent levels the boom and says: “Jonah, if you can’t put forth the same effort in the classroom as you do on the soccer field, you won’t be going to soccer.”

A moment of mirth at the car wash, as Anna pees a bit from laughing

Meanwhile, despite a soaking wet moment of playtime at the carwash which makes Anna laugh so hard she pees a little, the kids seem to sense that something is up at home.

Anna has announced to a shocked Trent and Amber that she wants to bypass college and head straight to beauty school.

This leaves her parents trying to use some reverse psychology as they agree and allow her to work in a salon just to see how hard the job can actually be.

In the clip below, her day at work sees Anna climbing into dumpsters and cleaning our hair-filled drain traps. Not glamourous!

Anna’s beauty work is downright taxing and ugly at times!

Trying to keep Jonah from following Anna’s footsteps, Amber and Trent arrange a college tour in a bid to get Jonah enthused to move on and excited to imagine himself in a collegiate setting where he can continue his soccer playing too.

7 Little Johnstons airs Wednesday at 10/9 c on TLC

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