Explosive RHOBH season finale as Eden Sassoon blasts Lisa Rinna at Lisa Vanderpump’s party

Eden Sasson tells Lisa Rinna what she thinks of her
Eden Sassoon tells Lisa Rinna what she thinks of her

This week on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Season 7 ends with dramatic scenes at a spectacular diamonds-and-rosé party laid on by Lisa Vanderpump.

Last week the women were excited about the party, with Erika going to pretty elaborate lengths with her costume for the night and Lisa planning every detail.

Everybody else looks shocked at Eden's outburst
Everybody else looks shocked at Eden’s outburst

However, as with most parties on RHOBH, things do not go as smoothly the hostess would like.

Eden Sassoon lets rip at Lisa Rinna, telling her that she’s never there for her.

Lisa takes that pretty badly and asks her angrily: “Are you f*****g kidding me?”

Then things explode as Eden stands up to leave and shouts at Lisa: “That is so rude, I’ve given you so much of my time, my energy, my f*****g heart you ********

She goes on to shout that Lisa has used her as a scapegoat and that she’s always been there for her.

Inherently cold?
Inherently cold?

Everybody looks pretty stunned at the outburst, will they be able to calm things down?

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