Expedition Unknown: Hunt For ExtraTerrestrials examines some famous UFO cases with lots of witnesses

UFO in Zimbabwe
Expedition Unknown: Hunt For ExtraTerrestrials interviews some of the many witnesses to this modern UFO sighting in Africa

This week Expedition Unknown: Hunt For ExtraTerrestrials sees Josh Gates and the team continue their search for evidence of alien life on Earth.

In Africa they continue to explore Zimbabwe and interview witnesses from what is perhaps the UFO sighting with the most eyewitnesses in recent history.

The incident involved over 100 children, many of whom have given near identical accounts of what they saw that day. Talking to Josh, they describe a large silver craft with a flat top and bottom and slanting sides. Bright lights of various colors were seen to come out from the craft and surround it.

What’s most interesting about this report is just the sheer number of witnesses, though of course just because they saw a UFO does not mean it was alien in nature.

Later they travel to the UK where the team look into the case known as Europe’s Roswell, where a strange craft flew over a small Welsh village and left a trail of debris.

Expedition Unknown: Hunt For ExtraTerrestrials airs Wednesdays at 9:00 PM on Travel Channel.

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