Exclusive: Watch David Tutera process Kim Kimble’s ‘Matrix meets Fifth Element’ fashion show concept

Kim Kimble, David Tutera
It’s Kim’s way or the highway as David Tutera hears her wish list for a big fashion event — Pic credit: CELEBrations

Kim Kimble is a bigwig in the hair world. David Tutera is her equal in special events and party planning. But watch what happens as Kimble spitballs with Tutera about her dream fashion show and party and what she is envisioning.

It’s an intergalactic mish-mosh of all sorts of cultural references with a side of sexy men!

On tonight’s David Tutera’s CELEBrations, Kimble is ready to reenter the fashion show game after a ten-year hiatus. This fact surprises Tutera as Kimble gives him the “I’ve been busy, okay” excuse to hush him up.

A prominent fixture in Los Angeles, celebrity stylist Kim Kimble of LA Hair wants to hold a futuristic hair runway show. But when Kim exits the town for a business trip, David begins to worry he may fail to impress this control freak’s expectations without her micromanaging the details.

The hilarious initial pitch meeting is captured in our exclusive clip as Tutera fields Kimble’s “wish list.”

Kim describes her perfect event. “Well, you know I want to do a hair fashion show. The last hair show that I put on myself was 15 years ago…”

Tutera is shocked. “Oh god, that’s a long time!”

"I've been busy David!" Kimble tells David what she wants for her big party
“I’ve been busy David!” Kimble tells David what she wants for her big party

Kimble defends her break from the party circuit. “I’ve been busy David, I mean I’ve been working hard! I built this salon, I built this brand for 17 years [and] it’s time to celebrate, and what a way to celebrate with David Tutera!”

Then the theme is discussed and Tutera’s expression goes from serious to “say what?”

Kimble describes her wish list for the fashion event. “I want it to be sexy but futuristic…so kind of extraterrestrials…extraterrestrial… stars are ethereal, spacey…out there…”

In the confessional, Tutera is wide-eyed with disbelief. “What the hell is she’s smoking?”

Kimble continues her stream of thought. “…If the pool could be floating around some kind of way, you know, maybe a tunnel of light but definitely men walking around…”

“I got both girls and boys that like men and in my salon so I want some sexy men to walk around,” She continued. “I want a clear runway so they look like they’re walking on air I just want to be very… not Star Trek! But like couture, beautiful…like the matrix meets The Fifth Element…you know? Something like that.”

The look on Tutera’s face as he digests all this intel is priceless.

Tune in tonight to see if he pleases Ms. Kimble and gets those sexy men serving out of this world drinks and food to a wowed crowd for her big fashion event.

David Tutera’s CELEBrations airs Friday, September 14 at 10 PM ET/PT on WE tv.

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