Exclusive: Rooster & Butch skeptical of ghost-hunting device but Gil Prather wants to believe

Gil Prather
Gil is game for the ghostbuster, but Rooster & Butch seem amused

Rooster & Butch tonight entertain funding a man who claims he he has figured out a way to detect paranormal entities.

Eric J Moen travels to Texas with his device the Outer Realm Pod which, of course, delights Rooster & Butch’s right-hand man, Gil Prather, who believes in ghosts.

Moen’s company, Spectral Research, of Minneapolis, Minnesota, makes these “pods” in his basement, and he’s tired of making “onesie, twosies” as he says in our exclusive video.

Moen claims his ghost-detecting device is his “top-selling product” and he needs Wayne “Butch” Gilliam and Mike “Rooster” McConaughey to buy into his concept so he can mass market the spectral detector gadget.

Eric J. Moen
Eric is a Minnesota-based ghostbuster with a box and a dream

The two men are very much on the fence about this ghost business…but not their bearded partner-in-crime, Gil, who is hot for this device and tests it out.

He and Moen call on the spirits…if they are there. Gil says he feels a “vibe” and the entire event is watched from afar by Rooster and Butch, who are amused by the whole spectacle.

Gil believes they may have another Ouija board phenomenon on their hands. Will Butch and Rooster remain skeptical or will they become believers? Gil says: “To hell with Rooster and Butch, damn skeptical bastards!”

In our interview with Rooster and Butch, Rooster tipped this episode saying: “There’s a guy that comes on there with his ghost-detecting device, and that’s something that…it doesn’t get much better than that, especially because Gil believes in ghosts.”

Butch, quipping about Gil’s advanced age, added: “He should because he’s fixing to be one.”

In their series, Rooster & Butch’s intentions are to ensure anyone with an idea can still get a seat at the table.  They turn down few meetings and even contemplate this ghostbuster box tonight — as long as Moen can prove his concept and sell the two on his work ethic:

Rooster & Butch airs Wednesdays at 10pm PT/ET on A&E

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