Exclusive preview: Ivar amasses ‘greatest army ever assembled’ on Vikings

Ubbe and Ivar
Ubbe and Ivar plot their revenge on Lagertha and marvel at the ships and vikings they have assembled

This week’s Vikings is titled ‘The Great Army’ and is the beginning of Ivar’s reign of terror upon the Lothbrok enemies.

He is set on returning to Wessex [England] to avenge his father Ragnar’s death at the hands of King Aelle and King Ecbert.

Ecbert spared Ivar and delivered Ragnar to the Mercia King, Aelle, whose fervent hatred for the viking legend saw him using vipers and poisonous snakes in a deep pit to slowly kill Ragnar, already been beaten and tortured.

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Now a new viking army begins to gather in Kattegat under the direction of Ivar. His nemesis there is Lagertha, who is on high alert in the absence of her son Bjorn and after the Seer told her she will be killed by a son of Ragnar.


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Astrid has vowed to protect her, but can she?

Our exciting exclusive Vikings preview below shows Ubbe coming on board with Ivar’s impatience to strike back at Lagertha in revenge for their mother Queen Aslaug’s death — but also to find and kill all their enemies and avenge Ragnar’s demise.

Surveying the port of Kattegat as ships arrive, Ubbe appears happy and says: “Our first arrivals…huh?”

Ivar laughs and looks at his brother with pride and says to him: “The greatest army ever assembled.”

“They are our instruments,” says Ubbe, now more pensive.

Ubbe and Ivar looking at ships
The pair look out at the vast number of ships gathered in the port of Kattegat

“Our instruments of wrath,” laughs Ivar, adding: “Are you really going to allow Lagertha to escape her punishment, hmm?”

“No,” says Ubbe.

“We must have revenge,” says Ivar.

Ubbe looks at Ivar in a serious manner, and agrees: “Yes.”

Ivar is pleased his brother is in alignment with his wishes and says: “Then sooner, rather than later…why are we waiting?”

Vikings airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on History.

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