Exclusive: Mystic Inscho and Seth Carr on the theme of friendship in Disney’s The Mysterious Benedict Society

Production stills from The Mysterious Benedict Society.
Mystic Inscho and Seth Carr star in The Mysterious Benedict Society. Pic credit: Disney+

The latest highly-anticipated series to drop on Disney Plus is The Mysterious Benedict Society. This show is based on a collection of original novels by Trenton Lee Stewart. Young actors Mystic Inscho and Seth Carr play the beloved characters Reynie Muldoon and George ‘Sticky’ Washington.

This comedy-drama explores the lives of four gifted orphans who are chosen to embark on a mission to save the world under the guidance of the genius Mr. Benedict (played by Tony Hale). While the show is light-hearted, it packs in a few punches as these social outcasts find a family within one another.

Mystic Inscho told Monsters & Critics, “I hope that people take away the theme of friendship and the theme of family. Also, that it’s okay to be yourself, it’s okay to be different from other people. It’s also okay to care for other people. You don’t need to think about what they think of you. You can just care for them.”

Adding on, Seth Carr also shared an important message that he hopes the audience takes from the series. He said, “I want them to take away that the impossible is possible. You can do anything if you put your mind to it. Honestly, in this world, there’s so many things you can do.”

Monsters & Critics was able to speak with both actors about their experience getting into character and building chemistry with their other cast members.

Creating their characters

Monsters & Critics: Mystic, what was your experience like getting into character? Reynie seems like such an unusual but fun character to play.

Mystic Inscho: Usually I just think about the other characters and how they would react to me. How they would react to me as Mystic and how they would react to me as Reynie. I try to be Reynie based on that. It’s interesting to walk in someone else’s shoes because you can see other people from Mystic, you could see other people from Seth [Carr] or you can see other people from Reynie, or you could see other people from Sticky.

M&C: Seth, describe your character George. What do you admire most about him?

Seth Carr: What I definitely admire most is his empathy. I feel like his empathy plays a big part in him caring for others when others didn’t really care for him. So, I feel like, in a way, he’s kind of like a lone wolf until he found his buddies.

M&C: Did you have any challenges getting into character?

Seth Carr: I read the first book just to get a bit more of a breakdown for Sticky, to understand him more and see how I should play him.

Building chemistry with their castmates

M&C: Your characters have this amazing friendship throughout the series and the chemistry just seems so natural between you both and the other characters in the show. What has your experience working together been like?

Seth Carr: It’s been amazing, honestly. They made every scene better in between takes by telling a little joke here and there, and then what they say action we went straight back into it. Our relationships have grown over time, definitely for us being there for six months, all the way from home. Also, our studio teacher. She was a really big help and made us made it feel more like a family, too.

Mystic Inscho: There’s also the aspect that we can hang out on set and we can also hang out outside of the set.

M&C: Did you guys hang out a lot?

Seth Carr: We did hang out a good amount of time. We went to the Capilano Suspension Bridge one of those times. That was pretty fun. It was freezing up there, but it was fun.

Watch out full interview below:

The Mysterious Benedict Society is currently streaming on Disney Plus.

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