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Married at First Sight exclusive sneak peek: Dr. Pepper Schwartz meets the couples

The wait is almost over! The season 10 premiere of Married at First Sight is almost here and we have an exclusive sneak peek from the show’s first episode.

The clip shows Dr. Pepper Schwartz visiting the homes of the singles who are hoping to be chosen to marry at first sight. Every season, Dr. Pepper visits the group of singles individually at their homes, to see how they live, check out their refrigerator, and look in their underwear drawers.

The singles are always happy to see her at first before their faces turn bright red from embarrassment or shame as some of them have been pretty messy or have some sexy intimate clothing.

Season 10, based in Washington D.C., will be the first season to have five couples be married instead of the original three couples, or most recently, four couples. The show will also be two hours long this season.

Dr Pepper
Dr. Pepper goes to visit the homes of the prospective singles who want to be married at first sight. Pic credit: Kinetic Content

The premise of the hit Lifetime series, produced by Kinetic Content, is that a group of experts, ranging from doctors to a pastor, interview and handpick couples to be married without ever meeting each other previously.

The couples start off picking out wedding attire and rings to exchange at their wedding. They then have bachelor and bachelorette parties and the following day, get to finally meet their spouses, while saying, “I do”.

The couples later get to meet their partners’ families during the reception, before spending their first night together with a complete stranger that they are now legally married to.

After that, it’s time for the honeymoon, before the couples return home to move in together and try to combine their lives, before deciding after several weeks if they want to stay together or get a divorce.

How many will manage to make a success of marrying a stranger this season? Make sure to tune in to find out!

Married at First Sight premieres January 1 at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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