Exclusive look: A Little Grrrrl Power on Finding Fido

On tonight’s Finding Fido, hosted by New York Times Best-Seller Seth Casteel, we meet a family that has medical issues and needs a dog to help them be active and regain their health.

On each episode of Finding Fido, Casteel helps to find some hopeful-pet-owners-to-be match with three potential canine candidates based on their health and lifestyle needs, so they can make the best pairing of human and pet.

All while helping the humans to transform their health with increased activity.

Tonight’s episode, A Little Grrrrl Power, sees the Holmes family coming together to reclaim and preserve their health.

The mother is Monica, whose thyroid condition is making physical activity on their checklist and an absolute must. Dad Antoine has prostate issues and needs to keep his weight loss stable.

Antoine, Monica Holmes
The Holmes parents have medical issues that require the help of an active dog

While they all agree a high-energy dog is right for them, Monica sort of has her heart on a more princess-like pooch, while husband Antoine and their three sons want their dog to have some stamina and muscle behind the bark.

Asa, Jaden, A.J. Holmes
The Holmes’ sons all agree a dog will help their family stay healthy

Watch tonight as Seth helps the Holmes find the absolute perfect dog that will address the needs of all parties concerned.

The series is produced by 3 Ball Entertainment, as Casteel does his matchmaking over seven episodes as he pairs pets and people making sure future owners spend time with each dog before finally determining their perfect match.

Throughout each episode, Casteel administers behavioral tests that can help evaluate the personality and demeanor of each animal.

Bonus Intel: There’s a sweepstake contest offering one lucky winner a cash prize of $10,000 and the opportunity to have their own dog’s portrait taken by Casteel. Finding Fido fans can get daily passwords to enter the sweepstake watching Z Living, and submit them through the website zlivingtv.com; viewers can enter with a new password every day over the series’ run to increase their chances of winning. The winner will be announced the day of the season finale, April 29.

Finding Fido airs Sundays at 8 pm ET/PT on cable net Z Living

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