Exclusive interview: Supernatural’s David Haydn-Jones on what’s beneath the psychotic layers of Mr. Ketch

David Haydn-Jones as Mr. Ketch in Supernatural on The CW

The CW’s Supernatural series has been knocking it out the park for the last 12 years and has brought us a colourful collection of quirky characters.

One character in particular has stood out from all the others this year — the psychotic, stone-cold killer that is Arthur Ketch.

Mr. Ketch, played by the fantastic David Haydn-Jones, was introduced early on in the season as a phantom motorcycle-riding assassin for The Men Of Letters.

For those that haven’t been following the series, The Men Of Letters are a covert British organisation dedicated to hunting and killing monsters.

They have been around for a few hundred years and have popped up in Supernatural before, but this year have had a much bigger role to play.

Ketch comes into the series when The Men Of Letters, led by a character called Mick, look to form alliances with the American hunters.

In order to do that, they need to bring Sam and Dean Winchester into the fray. The Men Of Letters believe Sam and Dean will give them the credibility needed for them to recruit other American hunters.

To that end, Mr. Ketch recruits Mary Winchester, Sam and Dean’s mother, in the hope that she will persuade her sons to join.

In recent weeks, we’ve seen a relationship form between Ketch and Mary.

We recently caught up with David Haydn-Jones who gave us a few interesting insights about Ketch and his various interactions with the Supernatural regulars.

Monsters and Critics: Do you think Ketch has real feelings for Mary? Or do you think he is still kind of manipulating her given that Sam and Dean do not know about the relationship that has formed?

David Haydn-Jones: I think that Ketch DOES have real feelings but whether society would consider them healthy or normal is another thing.

True respect, camaraderie, and sexual tension are very much in play for his view of Mary, but Ketch has no idea, or rather doesn’t remember, how to love.

Mix in his duty, sadism, brutality and adherence to code and it makes for a very unhealthy emotional stew.

Mary Winchester and Mr. Ketch on a monster hunt in Supernatural

M&C: In the series thus far, we’ve learned that The Men Of Letters took in Ketch as a child and pretty much manipulating his mind to turn him into the cold-blooded killer he is. Do you think Ketch is plotting to take The Men Of Letters down because of this?

DHJ: You KNOW I can’t answer that! Hahaha. Nice try though.

I will say that his relationship with the organization and his superior Dr. Hess, and ex Toni Bevell, are flushed out a bit more.

M&C: The Men Of Letters have been a really big part of Supernatural this season. What do you think the chances are of a spin-off series with Mr. Ketch. Do you think there is enough in his character to justify a potential series?

DHJ: Well, if I was an executive producer I would give Ketch his own show IMMEDIATELY! [laughs]… says the working actor trying to continue working and in a role he simply loves!

Of course, all those decisions are WAY above my paygrade!

I will say, however, that the writers have created such an interesting guy that we haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of.

I would add that this is such a viewer and fan-driven show at this point. If they were interested in more Ketch or stories, the creative bodies at the top would certainly at least listen.

M&C: Last week was huge in that we saw Ketch kill Mick, who was very much the only person at Men Of Letters that had any kind of influence over your character. What do you think this means for Ketch as the series moves towards its climax?

DHJ: I would disagree with you slightly there. Mick was Ketch’s boss and superior, BUT if you review their interaction there isn’t huge camaraderie there and even Ketch is quite dismissive with Davies at times.

He really has fear/respect for the evil stepmother figure Dr. Hess and of course the mysterious Old Men in London.

M&C: Over the course of the series, we’ve seen Ketch use a number of different weapons. Out of his impressive armoury, is there anything in particular that you think would be useful in real life?

DHJ: Well, forgive my road rage fantasies here, but that introductory scene grenade launcher would come in plenty handy in the soul crushing, rush-hour traffic on the 405 freeway in Los Angeles!

M&C: A fun moment in Episode 14 was the scene in which Ketch and Dean share a whisky before looking to take out the nest of vampires. Ketch started out as not having as much respect for Sam and Dean as he does for Mary. How much has that changed since he’s got to work with them a little?

DHJ: I don’t think it was ever a lack of respect for their skills and abilities per se, just not liking the general lack of clarity, focus and dogma in the American hunter’s methodology.

I loved that scene drinking scotch, just two killers sussing themselves out and exploring the nuanced grey divide between our hero and antagonist. A two sides of the same ID scene if you will.


Supernatural airs Thursdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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