Exclusive interview: Chaley Rose stars with Tristan ‘Mack’ Wilds in Dinner For Two

Chaley Rose acted opposite Tristan 'Mack' Wilds in TV One's DInner For Two
Chaley Rose stars opposite Tristan “Mack” Wilds in TV One’s Dinner For Two. Pic credit: TV One

Dinner For Two premieres on TV One on Sunday, putting the acting talent of Tristan “Mack” Wilds and Chaley Rose on display.

Rose plays opposite Wilds as Angela, the girlfriend turned wife who keeps telling alcoholic Chris that it’s too late for them to start over.

Angela is a sweet girl who sang her way into his heart in their youth and before finding a permanent place there. But their love is complicated as her relationship with another man threatens to destroy everything.

The layered love story draws viewers in, gets them rooting for reconciliation and then…well, we wouldn’t want to spoil the ending for you.

Monsters & Critics spoke to Chaley Rose and asked her about her experience playing Angela, and her thoughts on Dinner For Two.

Monsters and Critics: How was Dinner For Two different from other projects you have worked on?

Chaley Rose: This is my first time being number two on something, on the call sheet, being on set every day. It was pretty cool. It was hard, but it was a good experience and I really learned a lot.

M&C: Can you describe what it was like working with Tristan Wilds?

Chaley: It’s nice to work with someone who is way more experienced than you are because you can kind of look to them just to see if you’re on track at times. Also, Tristan, Mack, is very chill.

I can be very hard on myself and get pretty high strung and I think Mack kind of countered that, which is nice for me.

It’s nice to have a leader who sets the pace for everyone else, because everyone does kind of look to the lead in a way.

M&C: I don’t want to give away any Dinner For Two spoilers but it was definitely an emotional rollercoaster for me. I will admit, I cried. A lot. Did the storyline affect you?

Chaley: There were days where it was hard to be there, where all day what we were doing was pretty heavy. When I got the script, as I was reading it I was thinking, ‘This is really good!’, [then] when I got to the last few pages I was like ‘Oh hell no!’

I had no idea, and so it was nice to tell that story and know that, hopefully, in the end, people will be like ‘WHAT!?’

M&C: After doing Dinner For Two and Nashville, it’s safe to say that really was you singing. I did a little snooping around and saw that you sang at The Viper Room. Do you have music coming out?

Chaley: Whenever things start to get slow with auditions and acting, I need to stay creative so I start reaching out to my musician friends and switch focus and start writing.

I actually have a recording session with a friend of mine who supported me at Sundance. He’s got a couple of songs that are about voting in change, and I’m going to lay down some vocals on that. I’m always exploring both.

M&C: Do you prefer acting or singing?

Chaley: I really don’t know, and I’m glad that I don’t have to sit down and make a choice because I don’t think I’d be able to do that.

I feel like they’re so different but they both feed me in a similar way. I get something different from both of them, but get fed in the same way.

M&C: What projects are you working on now?

Chaley: I don’t actually have any right now. I feel like I’m on a neverending quest for the next job!

Dinner For Two premieres on Sunday, September 2, at 7/6c with an encore at 10/9c on TV One. 

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