Exclusive Gold Rush clip: Broken bucket line is disaster for Kevin Beets and crew

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Kevin Beets surveys a real mess, after discovering his bucket line is broken

On this week’s Gold Rush, Kevin Beets is dead in the water — after his bucket line ends up completely broken.

Watch our exclusive clip below as, appearing worried, Kevin says: “Losing the bucket line is a lot like with conventional money…if you lose any sort of means of getting the pay [dirt] to your plant, if you can’t get the pay into it, it’s not worth f**k all.”

Initially the bucket line has just come off its fitting, and it’s down to mechanic Mike Beaudry and his team to get it back in its place.

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Surveying the mess and in the driver’s seat of a bulldozer, Beaudry says: “There’s so much mud and sticks and logs underneath the bucket line that it carried it up on to the wheel, lifted the bucket line off and now we are here.”

Crew member Kahle Tatlow is seen trying to pick all the debris out of the bucket line as a frustrated Beaudry and Beets look on.

It looks like it’s fixed, but hearing a grinding and crashing noise, Beaudry says: “What the f**k is that all about? She’s not moving very well,” as the rig starts collapsing in front of them.

Beets investigates the rig with Beaudry, who finds the idler wheel completely broken, saying: “There’s your problem.”

Will they get it fixed in time before Tony Beets arrives?

Gold Rush airs Fridays at 9/8c on Discovery.

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