Exclusive: Glee stars Becca Tobin and Vanessa Lengies chat about reuniting in Disney’s Turner and Hooch

Becca Tobin and Vanessa Lengies during Turner and Hooch press.
Becca Tobin and Vanessa Lengies reunite in Disney’s Turner and Hooch. Pic credit: Metro Public Relations

Not only were Glee fans excited to hear of Becca Tobin and Vanessa Lengies casting in Disney’s Turner and Hooch, but also, the actors themselves were happy to rejoin each other’s company.

This upcoming series will premiere this summer on Disney Plus. It contains 12 episodes and will serve as a continuation of the infamous 1989 buddy cop flick with the same name.

It follows the story of U.S. Marshal Scott Turner Jr. (Josh Peck), who is the son of Tom Hanks’ detective character from the original movie. After a tragic turn of events, he inherits his father’s rowdy dog, Hooch. Throughout the series, it is revealed that everything may not be as simple as it seems as Turner and his family begin to suspect foul play in their patriarch’s sudden death.

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Lengies and Tobin join the Turner and Hooch cast as Turner’s love interest and his ex-girlfriend. Lengies, who plays Turner-crushing Erica Mounir, shared some insight into their characters’ competitive dynamic.

She told Monsters & Critics, “Unfortunately, we don’t have a lot of scenes together because we’re in a love triangle. It was fun to play that I was jealous of Becca, like my character was challenged by her presence because she dated Scott Turner in the show and my character’s in love with Scott Turner.”

Lengies added, “That added some comedy because we’re so close and we love each other so much. So, when you’re watching, it’s kind of funny to know that we’re close behind the scenes.”

Monsters & Critics had the opportunity to chat with Becca Tobin and Vanessa Lengies about their characters and their experience reuniting on the set of Turner and Hooch.

Check out our full interview below.

Becca Tobin and Vanessa Lengies chat about reuniting in Disney's Turner and Hooch

The big reunion

Monsters & Critics: What was it like seeing each other on set again?

Becca Tobin: It was beyond a dream come true. When I was auditioning for the role, Vanessa had already been offered her role. I was actually more anxious because the stakes were so high. I just wanted to be working with my friend again. But then getting to set was just so exciting. She’s not only a wonderful person and a friend of mine, but she’s so insanely talented and she’s so funny.

She’s the type of person that the crew is having to stifle themselves from laughing because her choices are so funny. She’s just, you know, the greatest.

Monsters & Critics: Vanessa, did Becca’s companionship on set change the way you went into filming Turner and Hooch?

Vanessa Lengies: Having Becca come to work on the show added so much to our show because of her talents. But, also, understand that we were told that we were going to Vancouver for nine months to shoot this show and we would not be able to cross the border or leave for Christmas. It was a decision to basically be going away from all of my friends and my family for that period of time. So yes, she added so much to the show, and for my own mental health and my soul. Having her there was the most uplifting experience for me.

Promotional still from Turner and Hooch.
Vanessa Lengies stars as Erica in Turner and Hooch. Pic credit: Disney+

Lengies: We had so many trailer talks and time with each other at our apartment, and I babysat her dog while she was at work. She would come home and we could digest the day together. Everyone understands how hard it was to be isolated in this unprecedented time. I think that her being there was just like the universe looking out for me, it was really important for me to have a friend with me.

On their characters

Monsters & Critics: Becca, can you tell us a little bit about your character Brooke? What do you like most about her?

Becca Tobin: My character, Brooke, is a very ambitious assistant US attorney. She just transferred to the Bay Area from D.C., she’s very driven. But, as Vanessa mentioned, she’s the ex-girlfriend of Scott Turner. And in episode three, they bump into each other. It’s a coincidence that they’re both working in the same circles and they may or may not run in the same circles professionally and have to work together with that personal history.

She’s cool. She’s awesome. I have a lot of female attorneys in my real family. I grew up watching my mom put on a suit every day and go to court. And that’s like what I did every day in this show. It was a pretty cool experience to be a lawyer without having to go to law school.

Monsters & Critics: That sounds like so much fun. Vanessa, your character Erica is full of energy. How did you go about preparing for your role?

Vanessa Lengies: For Erica, I had to tap into my anxiety and how my body reacts to being flustered. That was a big part of prepping for her. It was like choosing the moments where a look from Scott, or a touch from Scott, or something he said, or maybe the way he smelled instantly made my heart flutter and then how I would react in that in that energy. So, it was a lot of body-based research on what happens when you get that way and how she would handle herself and tried to cover it up.

Turner & Hooch | Official Trailer | Disney+

Turner and Hooch premieres on July 21 on Disney Plus.

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