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Exclusive: Dustin’s life in jeopardy after rock ‘avalanche’ on Gold Rush: White Water

Dakota Fred on Gold Rush: White Water
Dakota Fred jokes with Dustin moments before the rock avalanche on tonight’s Gold Rush: White Water

Tonight is another terrifying thrill ride on Gold Rush: White Water — as Dustin Hurt’s life ends up in jeopardy following a huge risk.

About ten feet below the raging creek, Dustin is underwater, digging head first into a hulled-out nook that is surrounded by huge rocks.

He knows the paydirt he is sucking up is ever closer to the bedrock line where he and dad Dakota Fred believe a lot of gold is laying. But the force of the water currents above his head and the unpredictable nature of the boulders surrounding him — reacting to being jostled in the bid to suction the paydirt — has created a huge problem.

Above the waterline are Fred and Paul. Dustin is fully suited up and connected by a line equipped with audio as he works below, excited to be getting such quality paydirt into the sluices.

An animation of Dustin underwater shows exactly how precarious his spot is as the wall of rocks is weakened by his dredging
Dustin is having fun getting close, in his mind, to the gold, but trouble is closer

You can see that Fred can barely contain his excitement because he knows the good stuff is under all that rock, where the heavier gold has had centuries to be deposited by the roiling waters.

Underwater, Dustin tells his father: “Want to get to bedrock so I’m doing dangerous s***.” But calamity is soon to strike.

As Dustin says he wants to get “real close and personal” with the dirt below, you can hear a rock avalanche begin to happen all around him as Fred frantically calls him and pulls up his line, which is slack. But is he ok?

Gold Rush: White Water airs Fridays at 10pm on Discovery. 

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