Exclusive: Diesel Brothers’ amazing gesture to help family bullied over broken-down truck

Imagine you are with your family on holiday, and you have car trouble but can’t communicate in the local language.  That nightmare happened to Jose Caballero and his family in Utah back in May of this year.

But tonight on Diesel Brothers it is “yes way, Jose” from the kind-hearted stars behind the Discovery show.

On a great episode, the guys give back to Jose Caballero and his family after they were extorted and then harassed while on holiday at a local campsite in Weber County, Utah.

A Weber County man, Wyatt Pack, was videotaped berating the Caballeros, a Spanish-speaking family on holiday at a Cache County campground in May.

As you can imagine, it quickly became a viral video, as Cache County Sheriff Chad Jensen said in news reports that Pack could face disorderly conduct, assault and threat charges.

In the video, Caballero tells Pack he is unable to move his broken down F350 truck.

Pack barks at him: “I’m a f***ing diesel mechanic for Weber County, and I know you’re f***ing stupid.”

Shortly after, Pack agrees to help the family tow their truck at a cost.

“But you’re gonna pay us,” Pack says. “How much money do you got?” The family paid Pack $40 for the tow service.

Enter our story heroes: The Diesel Brothers are truck-building men who are known worldwide for their crazy online videos and their incredible, over-the-top, diesel builds.

Their truck giveaways are the stuff of legend, and this week they are gifting a snazzy complete truck rebuild to Jose and his family. The twist is Jose has absolutely no idea what is happening.

The Diesel Brothers show Jose Caballero not everyone in Utah is a mean person
The Diesel Brothers show Jose Caballero not everyone in Utah is a mean person

Heavy D (Dave Sparks) says: “We tried to jump in and turn something negative into something positive by jumping in and rebuilding his truck.”

Jose is flat out gobsmacked when the truck heads over the hill. He says: “Oh my gosh, look at that truck!”

Jose Caballero
Jose Caballero is utterly shocked when he sees his restored truck

Diesel Brothers on Discovery is a huge hit and is a day in the life of Heavy D, Diesel Dave, and the Dieselsellerz crew who excel in over-the-top truck builds.

At the young age of 21, Heavy D enrolled in college for one semester, before he bowed out and began operating heavy equipment for his uncle’s construction business.

This turned into his own small excavation business building custom rock walls, waterfalls, and landscaping. Then, back in 2008, he hired his best friend “Diesel Dave” Kiley, to help him run the gear. They are now Discovery’s latest working-class hero stars.

Their custom builds exceed so many racers’ and car fans’ dreams and the guys are known to think creatively on the fly. They also have a huge philanthropic streak and tonight’s episode will get you right in the feels.

Also tonight, the guys assemble the shop’s first-ever diesel Motorcycle, a steampunk dream with a Magneto.

Diesel Brothers airs Monday at 10 PM ET/PT on Discovery Channel and Discovery Go.

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