Exclusive: Cricket Wampler chats about Big Shot Season 2 and much more

Image of Cricket Wampler's headshot and a promotional still from Big Shot.
Cricket Wampler is hopeful for a Big Shot Season 2. Pic credit: Stephanie Girard and Disney+

Cricket Wampler shot to success after starring as Samantha “Giggles” Finkman in the Disney Plus series Big Shot. Her character was an upbeat bundle of joy and played as a Point Guard on the fictional Westbrook School’s basketball team.

Wampler had a great experience portraying her character and described Big Shot as a family show. She told Monsters and Critics, “I always think about how lucky I am to be a part of the show in general because originally it was supposed to be four series regular girls. Samantha “Giggles” was just going to be a reoccurring character. They didn’t really know.”

She went on to gush about the exhilaration that comes with being recognized in person. She continued to say, “I was in a wedding and this little girl came up to me and my sister was literally like, ‘that was the only time I’ve seen anyone star-struck over one of us.'”

Speaking about Big Shot’s unique family content, she added, “Just hearing that families can watch it all together has been one of the most exciting things. I have parents coming up to me and the kids are so excited to see me and the parents are like, we all love watching it. Not that many shows are like that. So, I think that that is very exciting and specific to Big Shot.”

Throughout our conversation, we spoke with Wampler about Big Shot Season 2 and what she’s been getting up to since the series ended. This included a fun talk about her experience attending Disney’s Turner and Hooch premiere.

Check out our full conversation here:

Big Shot Season 2

While Wampler couldn’t share too much information about the behind-the-scenes conversations surrounding Big Shot Season 2, she did share with us that she’s hopeful for a season renewal. Wampler said, “I think everybody is at this point. Like, I’ll post a picture and just get a bunch of comments asking about Season 2. I wish I knew because it would just be easier.”

She continued to say, “We were on the red carpet with John [Stamos] and the reporters were like, ‘Is there going to be a Season 2?’ And I was like, it would be really nice if John would just say ‘yes’ right now so that we could all know and it’d be just like out there, but we have no idea. We’re hearing good things. People are liking it. Crazier things have happened. But yes, I’m definitely hoping for it, pulling for it.”

Wampler added that she feels as though there is a lot of potential for exciting character development when it comes to her character and she would like to see Samantha get a more flushed-out background.

Attending the Turner and Hooch premiere

Recently, Wampler was invited to attend the Turner and Hooch premiere for Disney Plus. She shared with us that she was star-struck after seeing Josh Peck and a gaggle of famous dogs.

Sharing some details about her experience at the dog-filled event, Wampler said, “It was super fun. It was actually so funny because we got invited. I was like, I know John’s really close with Josh [Peck]. They were like, ‘oh, girls, we want to bring you up to the carpet’ and we’re like, ‘OK.’ And then all of a sudden John comes out of a shrub and he’s like, ‘what are you guys doing here?'”

She continued, “Seeing Josh was really exciting, I didn’t get to meet him, but I did get to see him. There were a lot of influencer types, so I didn’t know exactly who a lot of people were. But then I ran into some old friends. It was a nice little variety and there were some famous dogs. Apparently, once I left, I saw who was tagged in photos and this dog had like two million followers. What the heck? So that was funny to see these famous dogs.”

Big Shot is currently streaming on Disney Plus.

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