Exclusive declutter clip from The Big Fat Truth moms finale

Nancy and her husband listed to JD on Big Fat truth
Nancy listens to JD Roth’s advice on The Big Fat Truth

This week sees the finale of The Big Fat Truth, as weight-loss expert JD Roth tries to help a mom with a clutter problem.

As a busy mom Nancy is another one of the unsung heroes, mothers who sacrifice their own well being to concentrate on looking after their family. JD is keen to help women like Nancy sort out their lives and have a much healthier future.

JD Roth talking
JD Roth explains why getting rid of clutter can be good for your whole life

In this case he need Nancy to declutter her life so that she can create some calm where she lives and then calm in her mind. JD is pretty confident that this change will help her in the quest for a fitter and healthier body. Though you can be sure there will be plenty of tough love too!

Pile of junk and other stuff piled in room
Get rid of all the stuff you don’t need says JD

JD has helped hundreds of people lose weight and get a healthier life but often it’s not just about cutting down on food or increasing exercise. Usually there is something else in their life that is creating the problem in the first place and tackling this can be to the rest of it succeeding.

 The Big Fat Truth airs Saturdays at 8pm ET/PT on Z Living Network.

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