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Exclusive clip: Watch Top Gear host Freddie Flintoff in near-fatal 124mph crash

Top Gear host Freddie Flintoff almost ends up as an ex-presenter on this week’s new episode on BBC America — after being involved in a nearly catastrophic high-speed crash.

The incident occurs as the former international cricket star takes part in a drag race against fellow hosts Paddy McGuinness and Chris Harris at an airstrip.

In true Top Gear style, this isn’t any normal race, though.

While part-time racing driver Harris is strapped securely into a Nissan GTR, Freddie is balanced perilously on the back of a high-speed three-wheeled bike called the Time Bandit while Paddy is behind the wheel of a motorized SHED.

‘Very, very dangerous’

In the lead-up to the race, both Chris and Paddy point out that the trike — which Paddy describes as looking like a “skateboard with a rocket” — appears “very, very dangerous.”

Flintoff speeds off the start line and reaches a top speed of 124-mph as he hurtles down the landing strip.

However, after crossing the finish line, Flintoff is unable to slow down and loses control as he reaches the end of the runway, shouting to his co-presenters on the radio, “I can’t stop!”

He then careers off the end of the airstrip, across an area of grass and into the undergrowth as Paddy and Chris look on, terrified as to what has just happened.

Freddie Flintoff during his crash on Top Gear
Freddie Flintoff on his motorized “skateboard with a rocket” and, inset, the dramatic scenes as he crashes after failing to stop. Pic credit: BBC America

The crew fears the worst as a fire truck races to help, but amazingly Freddie escapes unharmed, laughing in amazement as he tells them, “I’m alright!”

The episode also sees the trio go on a road trip around the scenic British county of Yorkshire in the latest sports cars from Ferrari, Aston Martin, and Porsche.

Meanwhile, Chris takes to the track to test out the carbon-neutral Volkswagen ID.R, crowned the Electric Racing car of the Year in 2019.

Also, YouTube star and rapper KSI, who Monsters and Critics interviewed earlier this year, gets put in the hot seat as the studio guest.

Latest in a string of big Top Gear stunts

The current season has already seen several big stunts, including Freddie bungee-jumping off a dam while strapped into a car. You can read our interview with Paddy about it here, and our one with Chris here.

Also, make sure to check back soon for our interview with Freddie in the lead-up to the premiere of the next season, which features the presenters driving cars around a “Wall of Death.”

The new season begins on Oct. 18, the week immediately after the current season ends.

Top Gear airs Sundays at 8 pm ET/PT on BBC America.

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