Ruler of the pride Sekekama smells betrayal on Savage Kingdom: Uprising – exclusive clip

Sekekama the lion on Nat Geo's Savage Kingdom
Getting old is harsh in nature, as Sekekema is cuckolded by his own sons

It’s almost big cat week on Nat Geo WILD and Savage Kingdom is a front-row seat to the world of the majestic king of the jungle.

In our exclusive clip from the coming special Savage Kingdom: Uprising, narrated by Game of Thrones star Charles Dance, a brutal fact of life is shown as mature male lion Sekekama is being usurped by younger males.

What’s more, his harem of female lions appears to be warming towards their bold advances.

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In the premiere, three rising prince lions have their hungry eyes on Sekekama, the king of the marsh pride, who is poised to be overthrown and must contend with these related rivals to his throne. But these are not just any lions, they are his three eldest sons.

Despite the fact he views his females as “his right” to command, the ladies of the pride have ventured outside of their arranged hierarchy and in the clip Sekekama smells the scent of the betrayal in his pride.

The location for all this is the Savute, 2,000 square miles of the African savanna in Botswana, as competing clans of predators — lions, leopards, hyenas and wild dogs — claw for their daily meal.

On the outskirts, the northern pride is amassing an army and preparing for revenge against their sworn enemy. Meanwhile, lioness Saba is making moves to ensure her son follows in her deadly footsteps.

These killers need the buffalo and zebra and fight against each other in a vivid life and death struggle.

M&C Exclusive: Savage Kingdom: Uprising: The Enemy Within

Savage Kingdom: Uprising – The Enemy Within premieres Friday, November 24, at 9/8c on Nat Geo WILD.

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