Exclusive clip: Parker and Rick can’t fight the rising flood on Gold Rush

Rick Ness, Parker Schnabel
In our clip, Rick and Parker assess the rising water and try to stave off a swamped dredge site

Our exclusive clip from tonight’s Gold Rush shows the road to besting rival miner Todd Hoffman is not an easy one for Parker Schnabel and his crewman Rick Ness.

The clip reveals that water is swamping their site and the pay dirt is in jeopardy of being washed out or worse, covered up after they worked so hard to get to that layer where the gold resides.

The entire Gold Rush Season 8 is fueled by a six-figure bet between Parker and Todd Hoffman on who can produce the most ounces of gold. Hoffman has three wash plants and ironically has a lack of water that has slowed his progression. Todd is running the eyesore known as Double Trouble, Hunter, Todd’s son, is running Monster Red while Freddy Dodge is trying to get Rusty Red producing too.

Parker has the opposite and tonight you will see some calamity hit.

Rick Ness
Rick is sure his pump will solve the problem saying “Wow, this thing’s capable doing 4,200 gallons!”

Is Parker Schnabel is closer to winning the bet? We couldn’t say from this frustrating clip.

In it we see the water is coming up way too fast and Rick and Parker surveying the dredge site.

If this water reaches the pay dirt, then they need a more long-term good to drain the water away. Rick sets up a heavy-duty pump and turns it on, walking away.

The next day, there’s even more water at the site and a smoking pump about to fizzle out! Schnabel and Rick have to deal with this bad luck tonight:

Gold Rush airs Friday at 9:00 on Discovery.

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