Exclusive clip: Mechanical mischief and the Mother Lode mine opens in Edge of Alaska finale

Edge of Alaska
Jeremy has a problem with a broken belt just as he gets an important order Edge of Alaska

On the season finale of Edge of Alaska, Jeremy Keller struggles to fulfil a lumber order after a machine breaks and Neil is looking to open the Mother lode mine.

Jeremy receives a large lumber order from Neil Darish but a snapped belt leaves him without a vital machine.

A-Team style he sets to fixing the problem
A-Team style he sets to fixing the problem

It’s too late to order in a part and the A-Team are nowhere to be found, but Jeremy uses his creative skills to come up with an unlikely but impressive solution, but will it hold?

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Edge of Alaska
Will his fix hold until the end of the order?

Meantime, Mark is looking for a special gift to welcome Tim and Neil is all set to open the mine.

Catch the season finale of Edge of Alaska at 10 PM on Discovery.


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