Exclusive clip from Little Women: Atlanta as Monie storms out over ‘mother’ remark

Little Women: Atlanta
It’s hard to get a word in edgeways when everyone is talking over each other on Little Women: Atlanta

This week on Little Women: Atlanta, Monie tries her best to get Abira and Minnie to see sense over a previous argument, but it goes about as well as you’d expect.

The women seem to spend most of this clip talking over each other rather than having a conversation, but Monie does try to get Abira and Minnie to see that neither of them is perfect. Eventually things get out of control when Andrea starts shouting at Monie and then Monie’s deceased mother comes up when she tries to explain why she and her brother were close.

Things then get even more heated and Monie says she won’t have people talking about her mother and she moves to leave the chat when one of the women says: “No one is talking about your motherf****** mother.”

She storms out saying: “I’m going now, sorry y’all, coz I don’t play when it comes to my mumma.”

Also on this week’s episode, Chris finds his old friend jealousy is back with avengence and Minnie is concerned she might have messed up the surprise that Jordan had for Amanda.

Little Women: Atlanta airs on Wednesdays at 9/8c on Lifetime.

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