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Exclusive clip: Cell phone and arrow for own eye in the sky on Hacking the Wild

Hacking the Wild Alaska
Andy has to escape the forests of Alaska on this week’s Hacking the Wild

This week on Hacking the Wild, host Andy Quitmeyer heads north to the icy forests of Alaska where he faces some considerable challenges if he is to make it out.

However, before he can do anything he first has to work out where he is. To this end he fashions an arrow from his hiking pole and then attaches his cell phone to this projectile.

Strap your phone to a hiking pole
Strap your phone to a hiking pole

With the video on he then fires the phone into the air in a bid to pinpoint his location. A cleverly built parachute mechanism means the phone floats back down to earth a little slower and a useful video is returned.

Fashion some fletching from tape
Fashion some fletching from tape

As night falls the resourceful host gets a little concerned about bears and constructs a laser fense to alert him should any unwelcome visitors trespass his camp.

Make a parachute nosecone
Make a parachute nosecone

He also uses the leg of a dead moose to help dry his wet boots…we have to see this one!

Fire the whole lot in the air
Fire the whole lot in the air

Later he also uses some UV LEDs to make spring water safe to drink, uses a hobby drill to start a fire and even builds an electric fence to ward against predators.

Get some great video and hopefully work out where you are
Get some great video and hopefully work out where you are, watch the video below to see how Andy does it

The all-new series premiered two weeks ago and features tech expert Quitmeyer as he takes on various wild environments with limited equipment and some random technology.

You can catch Hack the Wild – Alaskan Ice Forest at 10/9c PM on Science Channel.

James Wray

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