Exclusive: Cake Boss Buddy Valastro’s emotional read with Long Island Medium

On the finale of Long Island Medium, Theresa reads several people, but her standout session is with the Cake Boss, Buddy Valastro, who lost his mother Mary to ALS in June of 2017.

Mary Valastro was diagnosed with the degenerative disorder often known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, which primarily affects the nerves and spinal cord, in 2011.

In our exclusive clip, Theresa begins her session with a funny comment about her hair and Buddy notes that “her [his mother] hair was everything,” as he shared how he accommodated his mother’s needs for her hair styling at his shop.

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But as she got sicker, the mood of the read changes as Buddy shares that it was hard for her to keep up her appearance. A bit misty-eyed, Buddy says: “As she got sick it was harder for her to maintain and stuff like that.”

Buddy talks about how his mother suffered from a loss of motor skills, relying on a wheelchair.

Theresa tells Buddy: “She made me feel like that she had this very debilitating disease…your mom made me feel like very still, and I can’t move anything. Nothing can move…and the hardest thing was, she says, was when I would see my son, is him not being able to hear my voice.”

“Yeah. That’s crazy,” says Buddy, adding: “Cause her voice was fading, and we couldn’t communicate as much as we wanted to.” On June 22 she died at age 69 of complications from pneumonia, with Buddy and his four sisters at her bedside.

Showing how ALS works, Buddy says that the disease “ALS is a disease…I try to explain it to people. You start here [pointing to his head] and works down and you can’t do nothing.”

Buddy expresses regrets about working so hard and not being there as much as he should have been. Theresa puts his mind at ease and shared that his mother is telling her that Buddy has nothing to regret. He chokes up and says: “I just want her to know that I was so busy…”

Theresa Caputo
Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo reads Buddy Valastro and helps him get closure

Immediately Theresa shut the conversation down as Buddy is tearing up. Theresa says: “You did everything for me, I want to stop this right now, she says..Theresa, you wouldn’t believe the places my son brought me. I saw the world! It might have been because I was sick but my son showed me the world, is that correct?”

Increasingly you can see how emotional the reading is for Buddy, as he shares that was true and his mother was taken to Israel to try stem cell therapy to reverse the disease.

Theresa tells Buddy that his mother is telling her: “She says, you put your life on hold at times…you gave me a quality of life that nobody else could give me, and that is why, Theresa, there cannot be not one regret.”

Buddy says: “For as much as I love my mom, I would have done anything to help her. To know that Theresa told me that I did do my best, at least there’s some closure for me.”

Buddy Valastro
Buddy feels remorse which Theresa puts to rest, telling him his mother felt “he did everything” for her

Theresa tells Buddy about why his mom “went so quick.”

Theresa adds that his mother was not alone in her passing and that his dad was there to greet her. “Tell him because his father said it was time to go.”

No dry eyes for either Buddy or Theresa as Buddy believes his dad’s spirit came for his mother to end her suffering. Buddy says: “I believe he came down and took her.”

Then Theresa blows Buddy away and says his dad mentions a necklace that was important, and Buddy shows his dad’s necklace that he never takes off, given to him when his dad died.

No dry eyes tonight!

Long Island Medium airs Sundays at 8/7 C on TLC

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