Exclusive: Bears and biting cold in Homestead Rescue’s biggest challenge yet

Misty smiling at the camera on Homestead Rescue
Misty helps unstick the Miller family’s tractor tonight on the Homestead Rescue finale

On this week’s Homestead Rescue finale, the team face their biggest challenge yet — as they are forced to tackle an inquisitive bear and the bitter cold.

In the episode, titled Grizzly Bait, the Miller family learn a hard lesson after stocking a homestead full of livestock with a wily grizzly bear afoot blessed with a keen sense of smell.

And thanks to British Columbia’s icy cold, their tractor is frozen in the mud.

Marty, Matt, and Misty Raney arrive in to help the Millers who have been tasked with looking after more livestock than they can handle.

These folks are WAY out of their depth as a cunning predator is haunting their every move.

To make matters worse, the tractor, a vital piece of their equipment, is stuck — immobilized in the concrete-hard dirt.

Ambitious and energized, Marty gets all the clan and his kin to chip away at the ice around the tires which are anchoring the vehicle to the earth.

After little luck, he says: “We’re gonna use a fulcrum, a big log to pop this thing out of the ice.”

After setting the mechanism up and with them all bouncing on the log, his daughter Misty is psyched and says of the tractor: “It’s wiggling!”

The group wedge a log under one side of the tractor
The group set up the fulcrum to try and free the tractor from frozen muck

Cheers erupt as this tractor, entombed in ice for three months, is finally free.

But there’s a hitch. The gear box is frozen solid. The Miller clan cannot get a break.

Add to this misery is the unending freezing conditions making their precious water a huge block of ice.

One setback after the other is enough to make a homesteader give up and throw the towel in.

Marty creates the warmest structure he knows, a blacksmith shop, and Matt starts work on a lookout tower.

But then everything is upended as tragedy strikes. Will the Miller family be forced to abandon their homesteading dream?

Watch our exclusive clip from tonight’s finale, as the group’s efforts to free the tractor get under way.

The Homestead Rescue finale airs tonight at 10/9c on Discovery.

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