Ex on the Beach exclusive: Chelsko dishes on what reality show she wants to join next!

Chelsko on Ex on the Beach
Chelkso made big waves after her ex claimed she cheated with his uncle on Ex on the Beach. Where will she go after her elimination?

Two weeks ago, Chelsko joined the rest of the Ex on the Beach cast and last night…she went home. Cris Pearson, aka Creatures Ferris, made quick work of his ex, persuading the house to turn against Chelsko and send her on her way.

Chelsko’s fate was decided right about when another one of Cris’ exes, Haley, hit the beach. The whole situation got really uncomfortable with all three of them in the house and as we saw last night, Cris couldn’t stop calling Haley by his other ex-girlfriend’s name!.

Chelsko even said in a confessional that she was getting tired of Cris spending time with Haley when he should be spending time with her. It’s clear that Cris isn’t over THAT ex, though, and he immediately went on a campaign to make sure his other woman went home.


Much like other MTV reality shows, the house ended up splitting into alliances in order to decide who should go home. It came down to Alicia and Chelsko and initially it was looking like Cris’ ex would be the one staying. It all came down to Skyler, whose vote could either send Alicia or both women home. It’s a no-brainer that she sent two ladies packing.

Monsters & Critics had a chance to chat with Chelsko exclusively and we didn’t even know she was headed home at the time. She was adamant that she never slept with Cris’ uncle and has even tweeted about it since the episode aired.

When asked what reality show she might want to do after Ex on the Beach, Chelsko made it clear that she really wants a shot on another MTV show. Her preference would be to be cast on the next season of Are You The One?

Considering how many cast members from that show have now joined Ex on the Beach, that’s a clear possibility and many Chelsko fans would love to see her again. Now that Cris is trying to move forward in the Ex on the Beach house with Haley, hopefully she’ll get that opportunity and find new love.

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