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Evan Goes Wild exclusive: Evan Antin chasing a hissing Palawan water monitor lizard

Dr. Evan Antin sweet talks a sick Palawan lizard. Pic credit: Animal Plan
Dr. Evan Antin sweet talks a sick Palawan lizard. Pic credit: Animal Planet

On the next edition of Animal Planet’s latest series, Evan Goes Wild, Dr. Evan Antin notices that a Palawan Water Monitor lizard may have some inflammation and a bit of infection around its mouth.

But how do you get an unwilling giant lizard to sit still for an exam? The short answer is you do not.

You chase him down and make sure you know what you are doing! And only if you are a skilled professional.

This is all in a day’s work and just another day in the office for the breakout reality TV star who made his appearance at the Television Critics Association with the Animal Planet team. In a sea of numbing panels, Dr. Evan Antin made the room swoon.

This new star of Evan Goes Wild is intrepid, to say the least, and this veterinarian sees more than labs, squirrels and kitty cats.

The Kansas native also is a reptile expert and a conservation consultant who sees the world as his personal oyster.

What is a Palawan monitor lizard?

Dr. Antin is ready for his close-up, the lizard not so much. Pic credit: Animal Planet
Dr. Antin is ready for his close-up, the lizard not so much. Pic credit: Animal Planet

Living in the Philippines, Water Monitor Lizards are particularly fond of the dense mangrove forests of the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park on Palawan with nearby St. Paul Bay, where the ecosystem is bio-diverse and loaded with all the nutrients a monitor lizard could want to eat.

The mangroves are the perfect habitat for the Water Monitor lizard, and this sucker, aka “Varanus palawanensis” can get to six feet long and is also known by the locals as a “bayawak.”

This fellow is described as a “highly opportunistic scavenger and predator that feeds on mammals, reptiles, birds, amphibians, fish, crabs, insects and slugs—devouring even dead portions and its own kind.”

It will also devour sea turtle eggs and can climb a tree and swim underwater and hold its breath for 30 minutes. The lizard can be found on the islands of Apulit, Lagen, Miniloc, and Pangulasian.

Who is Dr. Evan Antin?

Dr. Evan Antin is a gorgeous specimen of humanity and people have taken notice, voting him the Sexiest Veterinarian Alive, not once, but twice!

Based in the Thousand Oaks, CA. area and a member of the Conejo Veterinarian Hospital roster of doctors, Dr. Evan Antin has made tails wag from his super hot Instagram account which is reaching Kardashian-levels of insanity, with over one million followers.

What is Evan Goes Wild?

Animal Planet hitched their wagon to the comely medic who could pass for an A-lister who’s traveled the world and worked with conservancy organizations in many countries.

Evan began traveling the world to see animals when he was only 21 years old. He traveled because he wanted to meet many animals and learn about them as his passion for animals is equal to his commitment to conservation.

Evan will take Animal Planet fans around the world to meet the amazing animals and experiences on his bucket list such as swimming with humpback whales, and the incredible bear-cats of the Philippines.

In every episode of the series, Evan works with local conservation groups to help bring awareness to their work, while getting our audiences as close to the animals as he possibly can.

After a childhood filled with creature fascination and a natural interest in helping animals, Evan studied evolutionary and ecological biology at the University of Colorado at Boulder “and spent multiple semesters abroad in Australia and Tanzania to learn more about their respective ecosystems and fauna” according to his Conejo Vet Hospital biography.

In his new series, he is taking us along for the ride:

Evan Goes Wild airs Sunday at 9/8 c on Animal Planet.

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