Euphoria fans want a Patrick Dempsey cameo after huge Grey’s Anatomy Easter egg

Grey’s Anatomy star Eric Dane stars as Cal Jacobs on HBO’s teen drama Euphoria. Pic credit: HBO

On the latest episode of Euphoria, Ruminations: Big and Little Bullys, viewers learned a little more about the man who made Nate Jacobs the twisted soul he is, his father Cal.

Essentially jumping into the highly controversial character’s villain origin story, fans were brought back to a monumental moment during Cal’s senior year of high school.

Sharing a hot and heavy physical relationship with his now-wife Marsha, it was his best friend and fellow wrestling teammate Derek with who he could spend hours with in endless conversation.

Finally sparking romance and sharing a kiss at a gay bar on the day of their high school graduation, it wouldn’t be long before Cal was forced into the closet after finding out Marsha was pregnant.

Flashing back to the present day where he is in a loveless marriage contemplating taking his own life, the backstory gave more depth to the antagonist played by Eric Dane.

However, after learning about Cal Jacob’s best friend, viewers couldn’t help but point out the subtle Grey’s Anatomy connection.

Euphoria fans want a Patrick Dempsey cameo after Grey’s Anatomy Easter egg

Cal Jacobs is far from anyone’s favorite character but Euphoria fans couldn’t help but notice the coincidental name of his high school teammate.

Bringing viewers back to the halls of the Grey Sloan Memorial hospital, Dane’s character on Grey’s Anatomy was also best friends with a famous Derek – Derek Shepherd.

Fans were quick to call for Patrick Dempsey to reprise his role as Mark’s right-hand man, this time, just on a cameo for the HBO series.

“If Derek ever comes back to see Cal… I think we all know the perfect actor to play him as an adult,” one user hoped on Twitter.

While the storyline had fans sympathizing with the patriarch of the Jacobs family, it wasn’t long before viewers were brought back to Earth recalling his actions from last season.

“Me rooting for young cal and Derek and then remembering everything about who he turns out to be,” another critic wrote.

Another tweeted, “me watching cal and derek’s cute backstory but then remembering it’s still cal jacobs #Euphoria.”

Eric Dane said the Grey’s Anatomy connection was ‘purely coincidence’

Debunking fan theories, in a conversation with E! News, Dane addressed rumors of a possible Grey’s Anatomy/Euphoria crossover.

Explaining that it was “purely coincidence” the name Derek was used, the 49-year-old was excited to share the backstory of his character with viewers this season.

Adding that, while it doesn’t excuse Cal’s behavior, it was “totally necessary” to tell his whole story. “I think it might add sort of a human element to Cal, whereas before you were having a tough time seeing that,” Dane added.

Euphoria Season 2 airs Sundays at 9 p.m. EST on HBO Max.

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