Ethan Hawke reportedly playing the main villain of Marvel’s Moon Knight series

Ethan Hawke as Stockholm premiere.
Ethan Hawke as Stockholm premiere. Pic credit: ©


Ethan Hawke as Stockholm premiere.
Ethan Hawke at the Stockholm premiere. Pic credit: ©

Marvel Studios has never shied away from bringing top-tier talent to their properties. The trend now continues with a new report of Ethan Hawke in the Moon Knight series on Disney+. 

Marvel Studios movies like Captain America: The Winter Soldier or Thor: Ragnarok have always courted massive Hollywood stars like Robert Redford and Cate Blanchett, respectively. The upcoming Thor: Love And Thunder even includes Christian Bale as its main villain. 

So it’s not a surprise that one of the most underrated and veteran actors in Hollywood will be the villain for the new Disney+ series. The fact that it will be Ethan Hawke in Moon Knight, is that much more exciting. 

Ethan Hawke in Moon Knight continues a popular Marvel tradition

While the heroes of Marvel Studios’ properties sign-on for multiple films, the villains are a different matter entirely. Playing the villain allows these award-winning stars to do a fun one-off appearance in one of the biggest franchises in the world. 

Ethan Hawke is a critically revered actor known for this work in movies like Training Day and the Before trilogy. While dabbling in mainstream commercial cinema from time to time as well, like The Purge, the actor is mostly known for his indie work. 

So Ethan Hawke in the Moon Knight series will be incredibly special. Especially seeing that it’s a long-form show and not a one-off film. Deadline reports that Hawke is playing a villain in Moon Knight, opposite Oscar Isaac’s main lead. 

Ethan Hawke joins Oscar Isaac on Moon Knight

Ethan Hawke in Moon Knight poster.
Moon Knight Disney Plus series title card. Pic credit: Marvel Studios

Moon Knight is one of the many upcoming Disney+ TV shows set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. WandaVision is the first official entry into Phase 4 of the MCU, while there are more to come. 

The Moon Knight series is still in pre-production but will star Oscar Isaac as the titular character. The Marvel Comics character is a former mercenary, granted a second chance at life, as the avatar for an Egyptian moon god. 

Doug Moench and Don Perline created Moon Knight, first appearing in 1975. Moon Knight and Batman get often compared due to to their tone and crime-fighting approach. Amassing a lot of wealth, Moon Knight created alter egos for himself, namely a millionaire named Steven Grant. And, also that of a taxi driver named Jack Lockley. 

Walking in both these contrasting worlds, Moon Knight fights crime, as well as his archnemesis, Raoul Bushman. Hawke could be playing Bushman in the series.

No word yet on when Moon Knight premieres on Disney+. 

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