Esperanza Spalding’s slightly awkward interview on Desus & Mero

Desus Nice, Esperanza Spalding, The Kid Mero
Esperanza Spalding is a giant genius and might have been too much for Desus last night

Ball bags listen up, this is no ordinary Desus & Mero guest. Prodigy jazz bassist (and now Harvard professor) Esperanza Spalding was the featured guest on Viceland’s Desus & Mero last night.

In the course of the interview, the 32-year-old musical genius was asked about her collaboration with Prince, her background and then wondered out-loud what Desus Nice and The Kid Mero were drinking in their coffee cups.

After schooling them on how to say “Oregon,” the state where she is from (Portland), she talked about her new project off last year’s concept funk-rock-jazz album Emily’s D+Evolution she co-produced with Tony Visconti.

Her new project is a compressed 77-hour live-streamed (Facebook) album coming September 12. She will write, record and mix a new album all live titled Exposure.

Of note, Spalding is now a professor of practice in Harvard University’s Music Department.

While Desus was asking her a question, she looked over at him and his drink in question and said: “We’ll see where it goes but it’s good to know that that’s [possibly beer] there. I might need some right before we get into the next psychological investigation…”

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ESPN’s Bomani Jones and the Twitterverse:

Desus & Mero air Monday – Thursday at 11 PM E/P on Viceland

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