Erica Domesek shares how to make a chic cat tray on TLCme

Erica shares talks us through making a simple but chic cat tray for her TLCme series Erica in the House

Erica Domesek has shared a handy new video for her new web series TLCme’s Erica in the House — on how to make a simple but chic cat tray to keep your home tidy at dinner time.

The PS I Made This founder thought of the idea because friends kept bringing pets around when they came to visit, and she keeps getting visits from her regular mooch cat Raaj.

Erica started her new TLCme series back in March, where she discusses how to go about creating the perfect home — with loads of handy tips and tricks.

In the pet-friendly home video below she talks us through making a super-simple but chic DIY cat tray. All you need is a cutting board, scissors, a pen and ruler, and some contact paper.

Then let your cat — or someone else’s — eat in style while not having to worry about the mess.

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