Elusive Icelandic elves on Josh Gates’ Destination Truth

Color enhanced photo of geothermal steam rising in Iceland
Josh Gates’ Destination Truth heads to the mysterious island of Iceland, where elves abound

This week Josh Gates’ Destination Truth investigates the truth about a Japanese water monster and some very active Icelandic Elves.

Tales of sprites are very common in most cultures with the fairies on England, the leprechauns of Ireland and the Alux of the Maya all being quite similar. The elves of Iceland are likewise of similar ilk, being a positive influence when respected and malevolent when not.

However, the big difference is that even in modern times the local people still have great respect for these legends and treat the Huldufólk (hidden folk) as if they were indeed real. Recently an entire new road was routed around a spot where some elves were said to be living.

Drawing showing a man jumping off a cliff after the queen of elves
A man jumps to his death in pursuit of Hildur, Queen of elves

Locals also often report encounters with elves and they swear it has nothing to do with the strong liquor often drunk in the dark winter months!

Later Josh and the team head to Japan where they search for the Lake Ikeda water monster.

Josh Gates’ Destination Truth airs on Fridays at 9:00 PM on Travel Channel.

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