Elizabeth Ludlow on The Walking Dead: What happened to Arat?

Elizabeth Ludlow as Arat on The Walking Dead
Elizabeth Ludlow as Arat on The Walking Dead. Pic credit: AMC

Elizabeth Ludlow was on The Walking Dead for three seasons as Arat. Her character worked for Negan and was a member of the Survivors.

Arat was one of those characters that had a deeper backstory than what was presented onscreen. She also had some secrets that most of the characters (and the viewers) didn’t know about.

The death of Arat

After Justin, also a member of the Saviors, vanished in the night, a lot of drama surfaced on the show. During the same episode where it was revealed who killed Justin, Arat was placed in peril. The women from Oceanside were taking out Saviors who had murdered their family members and she was next.

At the end of the October 21 episode, Arat was killed by the women of Oceanside. Daryl and Maggie had stumbled across the group where Arat was begging for her life.

Cyndie told Daryl and Maggie that Arat killed her brother, forcing him to beg for his life and committing the murder right in front of her. As Daryl and Maggie walked off, Arat was also killed in a fit of revenge.

Elizabeth Ludlow on The Walking Dead

There were moments during Season 9 when it seemed like the character of Arat was going to find a way to redeem herself. She helped keep the camps from fighting, was able to talk down some of the more violent members of the Saviors, and was actually helping at getting things moving in the right direction.

Arat’s redemption wasn’t meant to be, though, and her death may have been a catalyst to what took place during the October 28 episode. Now, Elizabeth Ludlow will move on to other projects, including appearing in the upcoming film called Godzilla: King of the Monsters and a new television series called Another Life.

The Walking Dead airs Sunday nights at 9/8c on AMC.

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